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Inbound video.

"Start geeking out hard on video as opposed to text. Use video everywhere within your business." Brian Halligan, CEO & Co-Founder of HubSpot, told us this in 2017. We’re still doing it and we’re going to make it an even bigger deal. Here’s how we can help you with your inbound video strategy. Check out our prices

Why inbound video?

Go beyond words for extraordinary results.

If you're reading this, I'll assume you're a marketing professional who either is doing inbound marketing the way it was initially designed (that was over 12 years ago by the way!) but wants to ‘take it to the next level’ or someone who sees all their competitors producing content just to create ‘noise’ and you want to get ‘two steps ahead’...

It’s been your inclination in either scenario that video is the answer. You know yourself how important video is for your own learning and researching and you see successful companies doing the same. Well, let’s just cut to the chase - your instincts are right and video will escalate your marketing to the next level…

Aleks working on video on a mac

Inbound video can help you…

Handshake Icon Become thought leaders

Plant pot Stand out from the noise

Attention Icon Put you where people’s attention is

Increase brand awareness - video icon Increase brand awareness

Wall with heart on Better engage with your audience

Lead Magnet Icon Drive more leads

We know what we’re doing.

If you know video is right but don’t have the time, resources or skills to execute and deliver it, then this is where we come in. We help companies produce inbound videos, not just videos though. We know what works because we've tried and tested it all. We even reached the finals of the Vidyard Video in Business Awards 2019.

And we really want to show you how we do it.

It’s not just about us executing an inbound video strategy for you. It’s also about us showing you how we did it. We’re all about sharing the knowledge and helping to educate you and your team.

Integrate inbound video into the wider inbound marketing strategy.

Inbound video can really enhance the overall inbound strategy you’ve got in place. From videos embedded within blogs and client testimonials to social snippets, animations and more, why wouldn’t you get more out of your inbound marketing?

Utilise HubSpot’s features.

You can make the most of HubSpot Video which allows you to host videos, add in-video CTAs and forms, build lists and trigger workflows and more. You can then gain access to handy full-loop insights and see how well your videos are performing.

We keep it in-house.

None of our work is subcontracted - everything video-related is done in-house by our expert video team to guarantee the best results. For you, that means fewer points of contact and less chance of messages getting lost along the way. You can always pick up the phone or drop an email to the person you want to speak to.

As well as what you would expect from a quality video production company...

Asset 449 Storyboard

Asset 442 Filming & editing

Asset 438 Ample timing

Asset 435 Animation & motion

Asset 444 Interview equipment

Asset 440 Full audio kit

Asset 437 Multi-camera filming

Asset 445 Titles & caption

Asset 441 Music

Asset 450 Corporate style

Asset 443 Fast turnaround

Asset 439 Easy download

Asset 446 Hi-rank SEO

Asset 436 HD footage

Asset 447 Video hosting

What the experts say about us:

Here's what Vidyard had to say about our inbound video service.

"I’ve launched a lot of organisations on Vidyard and Hubspot I can confidently say that the Digital22 team have mastered both! Their depth of understanding on how to leverage video is top notch and they were all wonderful to work with."

Marija Ilic, Manager, Implementation Services at Vidyard's review of Digital 22 on the HubSpot Partner Directory.

Check out Marija's tips and explanation of how important video is to increasing sales on our Inbound After Hours podcast.

Mark talking to off screen team member
Bilal working on a macbook

Each inbound video can...

Asset 456 Show planning

Persona targeted, strategy, scripting and coaching.

Asset 452 Opt in video call to actions

So your video drive leads.

Asset 455 Inbound marketing strategy rollout

Blogs, email, social media, landing and thank you pages etc.

Asset 453 Vidyard to HubSpot integration

Contacts and data into your HubSpot timeline account.

Asset 454 Playlists and captions

Key to the way people consume content today.

Asset 457 Transcription

Repurposing the content for maximum impact across multiple channels.

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