What makes video marketing ‘inbound’?

The same methodology that’s applied to written content is applied to video. Instead of making high-risk, high-budget, one-off videos, inbound video marketing aims to put together a funnel of helpful, educational video marketing content. The videos are typically highly-focused on a particular topic or pain point, designed to have high impact.

Why inbound video marketing is vital

An inbound video marketing plan looks to do one thing: help your persona along in their research. And video is the content format that users want.

One-third of all online activity is spent watching video.
One-third. People don’t just want it, they expect it.

92% of mobile video viewers share videos with others.
Social video generates 1,200% more shares than text and images combined. Not using video means less reach.

Videos get a higher click-through rate.
Video use sees 27% higher page click-through rate and 34% higher web conversion rates.

92% of mobile video viewers share videos with others.
When it’s useful they pass it on - and that could be to the decision-maker who holds the pursestrings to your next sale. It’s less about views and more about impact. Find out more about inbound video marketing here.

It boils down to this: Your inbound strategy is enhanced when using video marketing

With various retainer packages available to suit all budgets, your inbound marketing goals can be crushed when building video into the strategy.

How many videos can I produce in a day?
One day of filming at your location can generate 12 weeks worth of videos. Each one tied to your inbound strategy and aimed to boost social media, email and web page conversion rates.

What if you have a larger budget?
A larger budget, a bigger retainer could produce 12 weeks worth of meatier video content, such as client case studies, that can be repurposed in various ways.

Avoid one-off videos.
Rather than doing one-off videos, it’s a wiser choice to have one team produce your inbound strategy and video content as part of it.

In short, if there’s a piece of content your persona needs, it’s more effective when it uses video.

Take a look at these videos we’ve planned and produced for our inbound marketing clients


Your Strategist will put together the strategic aims and our team of video, design and content specialists will turn this into an effective video. Here are some examples.



Talking-head page conversion videos are great for increasing specific page conversion rates. They’re also perfect for explaining a single keyword-led topic or question.



Events can generate months worth of content. All the talks can be standalone videos that can then be turned into snippets for use on social media, blogs and email.



Multi-speaker talking head videos can be used to great effect on social media, website pages, landing pages and blogs for SEO purposes.



And if your product is particularly abstract or the strategy calls for it, animation videos work brilliantly too.

"I’ve launched a lot of organisations on Vidyard and HubSpot I can confidently say that the Digital22 team have mastered both! Their depth of understanding on how to leverage video is top-notch and they were all wonderful to work with."
Marija Ilic Marija Ilic Manager, Implementation Services at Vidyard

What exactly is included
and how does it work?


  • Your inbound strategy is planned as normal, but has the added benefit of using video as part of the content. A video would be made for each week of the 90 day inbound campaign.
  • The complexity and depth of the videos depends on your inbound video retainer level. We offer two tiers, as outlined above.
  • You can also buy one-off video projects as and when you need them.

Now, discover how inbound video marketing can help you and your team reach new levels of success

Take a look at our pricing guide so we can help you get more from your inbound marketing using video.