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Digital 22 Team

Hey there, we are Digital 22 and we are your team to deliver successful marketing

We thrive on seeing companies reach their full potential and over the last 5 years that's all we have done. Utlising the inbound marketing methodology, a proven framework for digital marketing, and HubSpot, our technology partners who allow us to show your ROI down to the penny, we have taken established companies to the next level.


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“Over the past 3 years, working with the team at Digital 22 has been incredibly productive and more importantly, easy. Shoes For Crews Europe Ltd is an ambitious company and the team have always met our goals for growth head on.

We have worked with Digital 22 on SEO, PPC and Inbound strategies and have noticed a dramatic increase in our turnover as a result of their work.

The team are friendly and always on hand to help with any request, no matter how big or small. Their expertise in inbound marketing has been instrumental in our growth and we look forward to continuing our work with the team.”

Gosia Sobierajska, Marketing Manager
Shoes For Crews Europe Ltd

Download The Case Study: Find out how Digital 22 helped Shoes For Crews (Europe) Ltd grow their revenue...


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Ready for growth

Not everyone is ready for growth, we need you to follow up on the leads and maintain your level of service with increased sales

Prepared to invest

Inbound marketing is not for everyone, it drives growth which requires a budget!

Looking for a partner

We want to understand your business to provide you with the best solution, not just offer you an out of the box package

Striving to improve

We work with people who are striving to make their product / service the best it can be, and we will help you achieve that

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