How good would it be if your videos were used multiple times, to full impact, in both sales and marketing?

Video Alignment LP


Video Strategy Alignment: What's included?

Single-purpose videos waste time and money. Quickly. As do videos that are over-engineered needlessly.

Want videos which can be used for marketing and sales purposes? And have a funnel of effective videos that make actual impact?

Our video marketing and sales alignment service gives you the strategy to do this.

What's included in Video Strategy Alignment? All of this:

Understand your audience and business

We will audit your marketing and sales content, sales processes and literature, and your strategic marketing documents.

We will interrogate you and your team to best understand your persona, product and services.

Create an aligned video strategy

We'll take this knowledge and convert it into an efficient and impactful strategy for video production.

This will put an end to isolated video projects that only get used in one place. Also, no more videos without real impact.

Give you a playbook for success

We won't just give you the plans, we will also give you a playbook which shows you how to deploy the strategy.

This shows you where to use the videos in the buyer's journey, and how to repurpose them to ensure maximum cost-efficiency. We'll also give you lead score metrics and segmentation criteria to ensure the best marketing-to-sales handovers.

This Video Strategy Alignment service is bespoke to each company's needs.


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