Should you use a script & teleprompter? VIDEO FIRST Newsletter #02

When should you use a script? And should you use a teleprompter? Two very common video questions answered in The VIDEO FIRST Newsletter #02.

Written by Paul Mortimer
video transformation |   1 minute read

Ever wondered whether to use scripts on your videos at work? And wondered whether a teleprompter is worth the investment.

The answers are here in this 2-minute video, which was sent to the VIDEO FIRST Newsletter subscribers.

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This is the camera attachment we use to hold the iPad and this is our favourite app to turn it into a teleprompter.

Here's an example of a video that works well without a script.

Here's one that shows a script being used effectively.

And here's one which shows why, if you really want to say something word for word correctly, you should use a script and teleprompter.

(Shout out to Tim for being such a good sport.)


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