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"Should I Use HubSpot?" 23 Reasons Why You Should

Written by Stephanie Barnes

01 | 08 | 16

Inbound Marketing  |  
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"Should I use HubSpot?" is the question. Hopefully you're looking for the answer. If so, you're in the right place! Here's 23 reasons we think you should seriously consider it.

HubSpot image title

Even after reading lots of reviews and opinion pieces about different inbound marketing softwares, it can be hard to choose which platform will be the best for your business.

We'll cut to the chase. One of the best inbound softwares currently out there is HubSpot.

HubSpot has everything you need when it comes to starting your own inbound marketing strategy and we use it everyday to do just that.

But even after reading that, it's likely you've already read reviews and blogs about the pros and cons of using HubSpot, which still hasn't answered your burning question; "Should I really use HubSpot?"

So, to answer your question, here are the reasons why you should use HubSpot for your business.

As a Diamond HubSpot agency, we love HubSpot and appreciate this blog post might seem a little biased, so before we go any further, in the interest of balance, we'd actually suggest not using Hubspot if:

  1. You don't have the time or finances to invest in the work needed to use HubSpot. It is only a tool, it needs time, management and a significant amount of attention to make it work. A specialised agency is often best placed to do this for you, but that carries an expense.
  2.  If you're spending £1k/month on all of your digital marketing, then a minimum monthly spend of £560 on just this one tool isn't the best use of your budget.

If these things aren't an issue, HubSpot is probably perfect for your needs. Here's why...

23 Reasons Why You Should Use HubSpot

1. It's A Complete Marketing Platform

Back in the day, which actually wasn't so long ago, marketers were forced to juggle between different platforms to market their potential customers.

Now, with HubSpot, you can create and optimise your content; nurture leads; monitor contacts as they evolve into customers and oversee how your marketing is progressing. All in one tool.

Without a doubt, HubSpot's capabilities makes it one of the best marketing platforms out there, and arguably the best for inbound marketing

2. It's The Best Software For An Inbound Strategy

inbound marketing methodology 
Dharmesh Shah and Brian Halligan are the two key thought-leaders behind inbound marketing. I'd be surprised if you hadn't heard of them whilst learning about inbound! They are also the founders of HubSpot.

With their knowledge and expertise about inbound strategies and the buyer's journey, they have created a marketing platform that considers every stage of a successful inbound plan.

HubSpot is the best for inbound marketing because the tracking and analytics on offer, for example, mean content can be tailored precisely to target where a user is in their own personal buyer's journey. 

3. HubSpot Can Be Integrated With Other Platforms

If you have an eCommerce business you will need a platform like Magento to manage your website. And if you need an open source website, then WordPress is probably the best choice.

It's a common misconception that business owners who have Magento or WordPress think they can't use a platform like HubSpot because they're already using another software for their website. They're wrong.

magento logowordpress logo

HubSpot can be integrated with WordPress, Magento and others. So, you can manage your website's maintenance on one platform and nurture your leads in HubSpot. 

4. It Offers An Improved Way Of Identifying Prospects

HubSpot can identify and track IP addresses from companies who are visiting your site. Their activity can be monitored by your team until it's time for them to be approached.

Having a recorded history of what pages and content they have been looking at on your website will help you understand what they're looking for and give your sales team more information about their leads. 

5. HubSpot Monitors The Entire Buyer's Journey

As HubSpot relies on the inbound methodology and the buyer's journey, you can actually see what stage of the buyer's journey your contacts are in.  

You can see when they first became a lead, what pages they've looked at, and when they've become a customer. This lets you find out when a person has become a Marketing Qualified Lead. 

contact journey blurredContact Timeline

From this timeline, we can see one visitor arrived on our website via organic search. They viewed our Inbound Marketing Agency page and others before downloading our free Ranking Factors cheat sheet. This is where they became a contact/lead.

Being able to see lifecycles of leads helps you assess where they are in the buyer's journey and when it's time for them to be approached by someone in your sales team.

6. Information For Your Sales Team Is Automatically Updated

profile contact hubspot


HubSpot naturally updates when it receives new information about a lead.

If one contact originally downloaded a form and gave their name and email address, it will be added to their contact profile. Then, two weeks later, when they downloaded another eBook and gave their phone number and job title, their contact profile will automatically update.  

The information stored in HubSpot is excellent for your sales team. 

7. HubSpot Has Easy Usability

The layout of HubSpot is designed for easy usability compared to other marketing platforms.

It's not difficult to find the features and tools you need. The analytic reports are simple and quick to interprate.

However, while it is easier to use in comparison to other inbound softwares, you need to be trained to use HubSpot to its full potential. Otherwise you're not going to receive the maximum results you want from using it. 

8. The Built-in Calendar Is Extensive

hubspot calendar 

When it comes to marketing, you have to be weeks and even months in advance.

HubSpot's Calendar gives you a clear view of what has been scheduled for the days/weeks/months ahead. You'll be able to see when social posts, emails, blogs, landing pages have been published and scheduled. 

This makes for easier management and organisation.

9. HubSpot Includes Smooth Social Media Integration

While there are reliable independent scheduling softwares for social media (like Buffer and Hootsuite), it's better to have everything in one place. 

hubspot social posting

In HubSpot, you can integrate your business' social media accounts. You can schedule social posts directly from HubSpot. When you've finished a blog post, you can immediately post social messages to shout out to your following about your new blog post. 

This way, it saves time compared to having to login to separate accounts. 

10. Marketing Automation Is Thorough

Sending individual emails to contacts after they signup to your website is time consuming. While there are separate automation services available (like MailChimp), it's not always convenient.

HubSpot gives you the ability to automate your emails after customers make specific actions, like downloading content, making a purchase or signing up for emails.

Nurturing contacts into customers is a key feature in the inbound methodology. Many people don't want to buy immediately, they like to research and think about it before they decide to go to checkout.

Buyer journey

The Buyer's Journey

Email automation nurtures your contacts over time.

This automation system continues working behind the scenes and engages with your potential customers so you can focus on other tasks because you have the ability to carefully plan what content contacts receive, depending on how they interact with your earlier communications. This is thanks to what HubSpot calls Workflows...

11. Email Workflow Creation

A key part of inbound marketing is nurturing your leads into customers with email workflows. Known as drip campaigns or email automation, workflows are emails that are automatically sent after a contact makes a specific action.

In HubSpot you can create your workflows from scratch and customise them to react to your contact's actions.

hubspot workflows

Creating a new workflow 

For example, if your email workflow is prompting customers to buy from your online shop, you can customise your workflow to stop emailing them when they've gone through the checkout. Or add them to another workflow to re-connect with them in x-amount of weeks when they might be ready for another purchase.

Each stage of the workflow can be customised. You can decide how long the delay will be until your contact receives the next automated email and create decision branches that will react depending on the contact's actions. 

12. Extensive Customer Lists & Segmentation Possibilities

Even after creating your Buyer Personas, it's important to remember that each of your contacts are different. For example: some are more responsive to email marketing than others. 

Segmenting your customer lists helps you breakdown your contacts to make your marketing more effective.

You can segment your contact lists by:

  • Actions: which emails they opened, what content they downloaded, etc.
  • Gender
  • Location
  • Industry
  • Responsiveness
There are many segmentation opportunities available!

Customer segmentation is a sophisticated way of marketing. It saves you from wasting time on contacts who won't be interested in certain emails or risking the chance of them unsubscribing.

13. ROI Reporting Is Clear And Easy

One popular myth about inbound marketing is that it's impossible to  measure the ROI of an inbound strategy. However, with HubSpot that isn't true.

HubSpot monitors your campaigns and how every aspect of your marketing is performing. 

In the Reports Dashboard, you can see your overall performance stats like visits, contacts and customers. 

hubspot reports dashboard

Overall Reports Dashboard

The Reporting Tools goes into further detail and you can see:

  • Top Personas 
  • Blog Views (and top performing blogs)
  • Email Performance
  • Sources (where your visitors are coming from)
  • In-depth page performance
  • Keyword rankings
  • Competitor analysis

sources report hubspot

Sources Report

hubspot page performance reviewPage Performance Review 

Good to Know: If you need to quickly print out reports to show a manager or colleague your results for the month, HubSpot's reporting system can be filtered and will be displayed in an easy-to-follow format graph/chart.

14. HubSpot Allows Better Insight 

The great reporting features gives better insight into how your marketing is performing.

While managing an inbound marketing strategy, there are many different analytics and reports to keep on top of. HubSpot’s reporting tool gives you a clear breakdown of the analytics on how each landing page, CTA, blog, email, etc is performing so you have a clearer insight on what is working well and what needs improving.

15. In-Built Search Engine Optimisation

When writing blogs and landing pages, HubSpot's SEO Optimise Tool tells you what you need to include to optimise your pages for SEO.

From experience, the WordPress SEO Yoast Plugin is a helpful assistant tool but it's not as user friendly compared to the HubSpot tool.

wordpress yoast Yeesh calm down Yoast...

optimise hubspot

That's better - thanks HubSpot!  

HubSpot's optimising tool is a helpful little checklist to make sure your pages are optimised for SEO and you have all the features you need to have a page that is optimised for inbound.  

16. Ease Of Designing Call-To-Actions 

Call-To-Actions can be created and designed inside HubSpot.  As call-to-actions are an important part of the inbound methodology, it's helpful and time saving to be able to create and design them in HubSpot. 

From making simple buttons to uploading your own designs, you have a choice of how to create CTAs.

Ranking Factors Cheatsheet

Here's one of ours... 

HubSpot saves your Call-To-Actions (CTA) so you can upload them onto your pages and blogs quickly. If you decide to change the appearance of your CTA at a later date, you don't have to go back and manually replace them, they will be automatically changed. 

There are reporting features that lets you see the Click Through Rate (CTR) of your CTAs too.  

17. Landing page setup

As landing pages are different to normal web pages, HubSpot organises landing pages separately. 

digital 22 landing page

When you start creating your new landing page, you can choose a specific template and edit the modules accordingly.

While you need to understand the theory behind an excellent landing page that converts, HubSpot gives you the tools to set them up, add sign-up forms and other inbound features. You won't get that kind of assistance with other software.

18. Personalisation On Pages Not Just Email

Having personalisation on your website will help increase conversion. Why? Because it's more engaging. 

Receiving an email saying "Hi there," isn't as special as "Hi Steph."

With HubSpot you can activate personalisation on your web pages, blogs and emails. So when a contact goes onto your site or you send them an email, they're more engaged. Personalisation increases conversion and creates long-term relationships with customers because it builds trust by enforcing your relationship with the visitor. 

digital 22 personalisation

 See, personalisation is nice!

19. Easy File Management

The file management opportunities are great! Once you've uploaded images, documents, etc into HubSpot, they're safely stored.

file manager hubspot

Easy file management!


All your files are easily accessible too. If you're creating a new blog post and need a recently used image or file, it's easy to find. If you then need to update the image, file, CTA (or anything) at a later date, you can simply replace the file and all pages with the file present will be updated.

20. The Support HubSpot Provide Is Excellent

HubSpot offers lots of support. Unlike other softwares where you have to rely on blogs online or wait a couple of days for a response, HubSpot has a quick support system that is fast to answer queries and give solutions. 

help hubspot

21. Beta Features And Continual Improvement

One of the best things about HubSpot is that it's continually working to improve its services. As a HubSpot agency, we use HubSpot everyday and come across subtle and major changes all the time. As a Platinum tier agency, we get first use.

Many of these changes are time-saving features which helps us work faster so we can achieve more. 

We also get access to Beta features that are being tested.

hubspot beta features
Composer: A new writing platform that is currently being Beta tested.

22. The HubSpot App

HubSpot has created an app so you can quickly access your account from your phone. If you're on your lunch or just stuck on the train, you can have a quick peek to see your daily reports.

You can schedule social posts, manage contacts and complete other marketing tasks.

This is what Rikki thinks about the mobile app:

Rikki digital 22 director

"I actually love being able to see how we are doing from home or lunch break by looking at the app rather than needing to be at a desktop to view our traffic, leads and sales."


23. The HubSpot Community

Along with the great support you get from HubSpot, there is the community you can get involved in. 

inbound.org, was created by Dharmesh Shah (founder of HubSpot) and Rand Fishkin (founder of Moz), it's an online marketing community where marketers and business owners can discuss ideas and ask for help. 

There are also the HUG events which are free to attend and you can learn more about HubSpot. These are workshops designed to teach you about new techniques and they're fantastic networking opportunities too.

Digital 22 is the host of the Manchester HUG events, they're free to join too, just press the image below. 

Manchester HUG Logo

Can I Use HubSpot?

To get all the benefits out of HubSpot you must have up-to-date training and have enough time every week to monitor your HubSpot account.  Otherwise you're paying for a smart platform that you're not getting the best out of. 

Digital 22 are a Platinum Certified HubSpot Partner (see what that means) and we manage HubSpot accounts for our clients. With our experience as an inbound marketing agency, you can be confident that we will create a successful strategy for your business and utilise all the features HubSpot has to offer so that every penny counts and you see real returns on your investment. 

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