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Inbound Marketing Email Workflow Best Practice

Written by Paul Mortimer

07 | 08 | 16

Inbound Marketing  |  
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Best practice for email Workflows, also known as Drip Campaigns and Email Automation, is something which takes constant management and tweaking. A great aim should be for users to never realise they are being marketed to autonomously.

 It needs to be thorough and updated regularly to maximise your inbound marketing return on investment.

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What Is Email Workflow Best Practice?

When done comprehensively, workflow best practice means each recipient should:

  1. Not notice they are part of an automated email workflow.

  2. Not feel like they are involved in a sales process.

  3. Feel special and communicated to personally.

  4. Be left with maximum chance of converting.

To create a workflow which performs this well takes close care and attention and a lot of front-end set up. The workflow needs to have complex series of "If This Happens Then Do That" type rules and decision branches within it.

For example, if somebody ignores three emails and opens the fourth, they could go down a different branch of the workflow than somebody who opens every email and reads every last word.

Obviously, beside the research and planning for creating the workflow rules, you also need to write an increasing amount of different emails.

This is before mentioning the planning and analysis of all the other factors affecting email success rates.

Why Is It Underused By Marketers?

Firstly, many companies aren't even using automated workflows to communicate with leads. Secondly, in regards to those that are using them, way too many are generic and predictable. They also don't achieve the best practice goals outlined above.

How Can You Benefit?

Emails from your workflow will stand out and be more likely to generate clicks, which means your leads are being nurtured through the buyer's journey effectively.

The buyer's journey diagram

It builds trust and engagement which, provided your content back on your site or available for download is up to scratch, should mean leads convert into customers more often.


Who Should Use It?

It can only be effectively used if you have access to a full workable and inclusive customer relationship management tool, like HubSpot.

It should also only be used by businesses which are ready to harness the conversions it leads to once the lead reaches the end of the buyer's journey. Otherwise you they will head elsewhere and you have nutured a conversion for somebody else.

How Long Will This Remain A Way To Get Ahead?

For as long as standard or generic workflows keep returning some sort of results, these more thorough and complex best practice workflows will remain a niche opportunity to get one over the competition.

For the sake of some extra work at the outset, you can achieve great success with a proper best practice workflow before it becomes the norm.

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