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Video Enablement: What's included?

We'll work with you to understand your conversion process and identify specific points that would best benefit from video. And give you the right tools and training to do them effectively.

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Currently taking requests for January 2021.

What's included in the Video Enablement service? All of this:

Vidyard Implementation PRO

1x 30 minute training call: How to setup Vidyard.
1x 30 minute training call: How to use Vidyard (extension, sharing, reporting).
Setup Vidyard with (all standard complexity): Branded sharing page, Integration hook-up, Build CTAs, Best practice folder system for content management and reports, Monthly report setup.


Process Audit and Identify Improvements

Audit your current process and conversion funnel (either sales or recruitment).

Identify the most impactful pre-produced and 1-1 recorded video opportunities.

Create a new process framework that incorporates all the best practices on what works in video-based communication, based on our years of experience.

Templates and Training for Video Success

Template scripts for recording engaging and trustworthy videos for FAQs, product explainer/demos and meeting-follow-ups.

Asynchronous video communication training session PROVEN to improve remote comms and productivity - both internally and with prospects.


The price for Video Enablement varies depending on how many processes need auditing and how many template scripts you require.



We're here to transform your business with video

With years of experience and frequent training from Vidyard themselves, Digital 22 is the video partner you can trust. We live and breathe our core purpose to Grow, Learn and Enjoy. Together. Here are a few of the places we're qualified, alongside Vidyard....


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With 7 years in the game and winning awards for working with clients from all kinds of sectors, we’ve got years of experience as a video-first company. We’ve tried and tested techniques and learnt from mistakes in the past which allow us to offer excellence to you today.

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