Would you like workshops and 1:1 feedback to improve your video effectiveness?

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Video Training, Coaching & Consultancy: What's included?

With years of learning under our belt, we want to fast-track your way to using video comms to transform your business.

Get all the best practices and years of learnings we have via workshops and 1:1 feedback in just 4 weeks. This will help you improve your video communication as a business and build stronger connections which improve efficiency.


What's available in video training, coaching and consultancy? All of this:

Vidyard & Video Comms Training

Ideal if: You want you and your team to learn how to use Vidyard as a tool and learn the best practices for 1-1 video comms.

  • 45 minute Vidyard Training Session for your Vidyard Admin Team
  • 45 minute Vidyard Training Session for your whole team
  • 45 minute Asynchronous Communication Training Session to teach you how to use Vidyard to gain efficiencies, improve relationships and increase profitability

Duration: 2 weeks

Video Enablement for Business

Ideal if: You want to ensure your whole business is enabled to make the most of Vidyard and video as a format. From marketing to sales to customer management, we’ll audit all areas of your business and advise where to install video to best effect.

  • Kick-off meeting discussion to understand your processes
  • Sales and Marketing process suit to identify video opportunities
  • Provide video guidance documents and templates to help you execute video

Duration: 1-2 weeks


Ideal if: You want your sales processes to include video in all the right places and be confident your sales team is using video in the right way.

  • 45 minute Video for Sales Training Session
  • Review your sales process and provide video templates for key opportunities within your process
  • Weekly individual feedback for your sales team for 4 weeks following the training

Duration: 5 weeks

This Video Training Coaching & Consultancy can be applied to sales, marketing, recruitment, and account management teams of 1-9 people. Either use the form above to let us know you're interested or check out our price guide to find out more...




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We live and breathe our core purpose to Grow, Learn and Enjoy. Together. Here are a few of the places we're qualified, alongside Vidyard. With years of experience and frequent training from Vidyard themselves, Digital 22 is the video partner you can trust...


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With 7 years as an agency and awards for working with clients from all kinds of sectors, we’ve got tonnes of experience as a video-first company. We’ve tried and tested all of our techniques. We've learned from a few mistakes along the way too. You get to jump the finished product today.

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