If you are looking for a HubSpot specialist you are in the right place. The only Platinum Hubspot Partner in the North of England and one of only a handful in Europe.

Hubspot Platinum

We have gained Platinum tier partner status by successfully growing our clients' businesses through smart and effective inbound marketing. We also ensure that our team of HubSpot experts undertake continuous professional development to ensure you get a true Platinum tier HubSpot service.

HubSpot services we offer...

Setup - Management - Recovery - Moving to HubSpot - COS Webdesign - Intergration - Consultancy

We’ve got their approval

Our team are certified by the following agencies:



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Why do you need a Platinum Certified HubSpot agency?

HubSpot are the leading voice in inbound marketing. The system offers ultimate control on the output and analysis of your inbound marketing content. This allows you to grow your bottom line and improve campaign success.

Being a Platinum partner means you can use our expert and trusted knowledge which earned our Platinum tier certification to improve your campaigns and and we will report the results to you in a synchronised and easy-to-manage format.

This saves you time by outsourcing your digital marketing needs to one accountable source who is trusted by the leading voice in inbound marketing.

Your online presence will grow through the tools and knowledge accessible only to Platinum tier HubSpot agency partners...


Some of the places where we have been featured:



"Having recently adopted HubSpot at dmg::events Global Energy, we approached Digital 22 to assist with the initial integration. Digital 22 worked with us to understand our objectives and created a tailor made solution in a very short period of time.

With such a wealth of digital expertise we continued to work with Digital 22, they further assisted us in creating custom made email templates for all our event brands, in addition to providing comprehensive training for our teams to ensure best practises were adhered to. We have already experienced a significant uplift in marketing performance since working with Digital 22."

Paul Klee
Digital Business Development Manager
DMG Events

Case Study: From £1.9m to £7.2m in just two years with inbound marketing...

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Our services are NOT for everyone...

We might not be the right agency for you if you are not:

Ready for growth

Not everyone is ready for growth, we need you to follow up on the leads and maintain your level of service with increased sales

Prepared to invest

Inbound marketing is not for everyone, it drives growth which requires a budget

Looking for a partner

We want to understand your business to provide you with the best solution, not just offer you an out of the box package

Striving to improve

We work with people who are striving to make their product / service the best it can be, and we will help you achieve that

Since 2011 we have been on a mission to get our clients
over 15 million visitors to their site!


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    Frequently Asked Questions

    What is Hubspot?

    HubSpot is an inbound marketing and sales platform that is used by businesses all over the world. HubSpot is seen as the forerunning thought leader of inbound marketing and you most likely have come across the system in some way before.

    If you already have a HubSpot subscription, we also offer recovery services to get your campaigns back on track.

    Check out Hubspot’s State of Inbound Report to see their exclusive results about the current state of inbound marketing:

    DOWNLOAD  State of Inbound Report

    What is a Platinum Certified Agency Partner?
    HubSpot has different tiers for companies and agencies which work with them as a company. All partners gain access to content and account management but Platinum tier partners gain additional reporting tools, are able to access more frequent professional development and are granted first use of new marketing resources.
    Could I setup Hubspot myself?

    Yes you could. Some businesses manage their own Hubspot accounts with their own in-house teams. As HubSpot offers many more advantages compared to a simple publishing platform, it’s important you use it to its full potential.

    The team at Digital 22 is HubSpot certified so they know how to use the platform effectively to help benefit your business. We will also train you how to use the main features of HubSpot so you can monitor your site's performance with ease.

    How much does HubSpot cost?

    If you want to use HubSpot yourself, you can see how much each package costs. However, you can use our Platinum certified expertise to manage your HubSpot based inbound marketing for you.

    The price of this service depends on your specific circumstances are requirements. We are happy to advise during a free 30 minute chat.

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