Your inbound strategy isn’t complete without cutting-edge SEO

SEO is the pillar of inbound marketing, but if you’re producing all this content and it’s not being found is there any point?

If you want to achieve the best rankings for both bottom of the funnel keywords which drive sales-ready leads and top of the funnel phases which drive brand awareness, then you can’t afford to neglect the SEO on your website.

Inbound marketing is a philosophy that attracts customers to your business by delivering value. SEO is a tactic that supports this philosophy by helping your content and pages become visible in search engines.

Google and other search engines reward websites that are optimised in the right way. Effective links, fast page speeds, user experience and websites with good domain authority all perform better on SERPs.

Learn the 3 elements of SEO that we cover in this video
What does that look like in practice?

No matter how good a website page looks, it won’t rank well on search engines if technical SEO work isn’t carried out. Technical SEO work ensures your pages can be found by the search engines and the hierarchy doesn’t confuse them. It also makes the experience as optimal as possible for your prospects as their experience through things such as device layout and speed impact your rankings.

Ensuring that pages are optimised helps ensure search engines understand your content and rank it for the correct topics. This includes looking at everything from your page titles and meta descriptions to image alt texts.

A key part of SEO is having an effective link earning strategy. The right strategy will see your website’s domain authority rise and you’ll enjoy the benefits as a result. These links have the ability to hugely increase your traffic and are still a key part of SEO despite being one of the oldest tactics.

We take SEO seriously so you get the results

Digital 22’s roots are in SEO. We actually started as an SEO agency and have since grown to a full inbound agency that has a dedicated team of SEO experts.

We’ve seen many different Google algorithms evolve over the years. During that time we’ve seen what works and refined our SEO techniques that’ll see your business rise up the rankings, attract traffic and win new customers.

Our team of specialists eat, sleep and breathe all things SEO. They monitor changing trends to make sure they’re ahead of the curve and utilise cutting-edge tools that provide the analysis they need.

Interested in getting more traffic, leads and customers?

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