You get a new sales strategy, designed around all the great features HubSpot offers

There’s no point investing in such an amazing tool for your team and not having a gameplan that makes the most of the platform. You can use HubSpot at a surface level and get good results. Or, you can get a strategy designed by people who know the platform inside and out and get the results you want instead. 

Our HubSpot Sales strategy takes 30 days to complete and includes:

  • Review of your sales plans and create goals together.
  • During a kick-off day, ensure sales and marketing alignment and perform a gap analysis.
  • Reviewing and understanding your current sales process and cycle.
  • Define buyer profiles.
  • Conduct a sales collateral content audit and a sales funnel analysis exercise.
  • Define and agree on your deal stages and lead status.
  • Then define marketing and sales qualified opportunities with the team.
  • Create and agree a service level agreements for your sales and marketing teams.
  • Create a list of hot leads for your sales team based scoring definitions we build together.
  • Upload sales documents to use out of HubSpot.

HubSpot Sales is then set up to work for your team, not the other way around

Having the perfect strategy is only one part of the story. You need to make sure that the tools your team are using are right too. HubSpot is okay to use fresh out the box, but it’s fantastic when you know how to unlock its full potential.

Which is exactly what our team does. In your second 30 days, you’ll have:

HubSpot CRM set up for:

  • Deals to allow better forecasting and analysis.
  • Reporting dashboards for real-time reporting (with explainer videos).
  • Meetings tools to increase numbers and reduce admin time.
  • Documents uploaded where they’re needed, easy to access.
  • Tasks created to improve efficiency and hold people accountable.
  • Install Outlook or Gmail extensions to speed up working and fill up audit trails.
  • Set up filters to keep everything organised and simple.

And HubSpot Sales Tools set up for:

  • Pipeline populating to improve long term forecasting.
  • Live chat, quotes, products and meeting links setup for Pro users.
  • Lead scoring enabled based on your strategy to allow notifications and prioritising (which improves efficiency).

Who should you trust to do this for you?

Well, our team is the most experienced HubSpot partner in the UK and has won several awards, from HubSpot themselves, for Sales Enablement. We’ve helped our clients grow better and sell more with our effective HubSpot Sales strategies and setups.

  • We created a strategy and setup HubSpot Sales to help one client grow by over 30%.
  • And won two awards for doing so.
  • We helped another client modernise their entire sales process, get meaningful insights and get 75% of their time back

HubSpot granted us another award for this too.

Here’s what one client said about our service

“I can’t imagine working without Digital 22, the team are so knowledgeable and always provide us with innovative advice.”

Anna Liversidge Anna Liversidge B&B Press

Get an innovative sales strategy from a multi-award winning team of experts

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