Full sales enablement doesn’t start with the strategy and setup

HubSpot is always growing in terms of features and capabilities. Plus, the more it learns about your prospect funnel, the more it can work smartly for you and your team. A sales enablement retainer makes sure you and your team spend as much time as possible closing deals, with as little time spent doing housekeeping on HubSpot. You’ll get:

  • Monthly sales reporting dashboards and a weekly email with hot prospects highlighted. 
  • Regular website analysis of key sales pages in order to spot performance improvements.
  • New templates and optimisation of sales emails, automated sequences of messages and new sales collateral every quarter.

See how we helped one client improve their close rate by 82% and take company revenue from £3.8M to £5M.

Here’s how we helped one of our clients

“From a sales team point of view, it’s saving 75% of our time. Which means we can start concentrating on and looking at the leads with higher engagement scores... We can spend more time on the leads which need more attention.”

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Revitalise your sales process today

One thing we love is making sure that HubSpot is really helping you and you’re getting the most from it. That’s why we made this sales enablement service. Take a look at our pricing.