Track your ROI to the penny and enjoy positive ROI when partnering with our PPC team

When you start your inbound journey, you’ll be told results take time. Paid Search can help bridge that gap by providing you with results from day one and help to maximise results long into your inbound journey.

Can you afford to miss out on 46% of clicks on a result page?

Paid results take up a lot of space on the SERP, in fact the top three paid advertising spots get 46% of the clicks on any results page.

Paid search might not be something you think of when you consider inbound marketing. Although inbound is all about organic search and attracting customers to your brand, PPC fits within the methodology too. It’s not interruptive like marketing from the past. Instead, it’s just another way for a customer to find the value they’re looking for.


Find your audience

Choosing the right audience is really important. It’ll help you get the kind of clicks you're looking for. Our team truly understands you and your business from all the research we carry out so we can set your campaigns to target your key target audience. This will get you the best results and help you see a positive ROI through this marketing channel. All that time we spend planning your strategy - that extensive persona research gives us the information we need to reach the right people at the right time.


Find the right keywords

If you’re a business that sells oversized coats, then there’s no point targeting ‘Big Mac’ as a keyword. Our careful audits tell us which keywords are worth your time and which aren’t. This makes sure we allocate resources in the right way, targeting the most attainable keywords that drive you closer to your goals.

You can feel confident that you’re getting the results you want.

Any decision we make with your paid search budget is done with your goals in mind. You’ll receive detailed reports so you know exactly how the campaign is doing. Plus, we’ll make little tweaks here and there if something isn’t quite working or if there’s an opportunity for success elsewhere.

Ready to start a paid search campaign?

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