Our process is tried and tested

Before we jump into specific processes and methodologies, we want to share our way of working with you. We've built this process over years of experience and client feedback. We also make sure it's agile to your needs.

We have successfully rolled out HubSpot with 73 clients. Every time we spot a better way of working, that becomes our standard. Inbound has changed through the years and we’ve changed with it.

So what can you expect when you work with us?

We know you'll compare us to a few other agencies. And every one promises you the world. All we can do is tell you how we like to work and then you can decide if we're a good match. Here are some key things to know about our process.

It starts with a 60-day onboarding phase.

This is a proven way to ensure long-term inbound marketing success.

"Onboarding." "Strategy." "Planning." Whatever you want to call it, it's important we get to know your business, industry and personas.

The time spent planning in the early days pays dividends in the long run. That's why over our eight years of doing inbound, we've crafted a 60-day strategy and planning process to ensure our partnership is successful.

Then, in month three, we start putting your first 90-day campaign live and enter our continuous cycle of delivery. Read more about our different phases below.

Our process timeline
Our work actually begins before our first meeting together. Once you’ve signed, we have an internal kick-off meeting where we tell the team about everything we learnt during the sales process, such as what your goals are and why you chose to go with HubSpot and an agency. We also set you some homework so we can start gathering information from you. Then, we can hit the ground running. This is where we fine-tune and optimise your HubSpot platform. Or, if you’re new to the platform, build it up from scratch. We iron out all the back-end of HubSpot so your automation is effective, your data is all being tracked properly and your notifications are useful and timely. In short, making sure you can get everything you should from the powerful tool that is HubSpot. THE MOMENT YOU SIGN WEEKS 5-7 Inbound success isn’t an accident. We value growth through detailed planning and precise execution because we know it works. We start this phase with a face to face discovery and kick-off meeting before we begin working in earnest on your personas - the cornerstone of inbound success. Our final phase is all about getting ready to go live. We meet up after our weeks of hard work and show you what we’ve created in one handy presentation (don’t worry, you’ll still see everything as it’s completed in the meantime). You’ll see all your strategic documents together and have them fully explained and discussed. This is the time we’ll also sign off your first campaign direction from the big list of ideas we’ve come up with. WEEK 1 WEEK 8 During this phase, the key strategic work for the partnership takes place. We do extensive persona and keyword research, a full and strategic content audit, create a style guide so we can adopt your company voice, document the buyer’s journey, conduct competitor research and quite a lot more besides. All these pieces come together to form your inbound strategy. Following the presentation of your overarching inbound strategy, it’s time to deliver your first campaign. For example, your first 90 days’ worth of content will be planned and given to you for sign off.Once that happens, we get to work putting content live. WEEKS 2-4 WEEK 9 ONWARDS As soon as we’ve finalised your personas and you’ve given us the thumbs-up, we’ll start putting together your first campaign plan. This involves extensive industry research, from keywords to topics. Once we’ve got the plan together, we’ll present our ideas to you and you can give us some feedback so we can start shaping the final product together. WEEKS 4-5 Pre-start Building and optimising your HubSpot platform Kick-off meeting Strategy showcase Strategic planning Rolling out your first campaign Putting an action plan together

What are the benefits of working with us?

We believe you should be fully involved and know what’s going on and what’s coming next

Digital marketing isn't the most tangible thing ever, we get that. As a result, we have an open project management system so you can see what we're working on. We also provide an easy-to-understand monthly report for all the services we provide.

What are the benefits of working with us?

HubSpot and inbound marketing knowledge shouldn’t be kept to ourselves and we don’t

We’re 100% HubSpot and have been for years. We’ve also rolled out HubSpot 73 times which is three times more than every other agency out there. What we’re trying to say is we know the platform and methodology pretty well and we want to share our knowledge with you.

Get use of the latest tried and tested tools for your inbound journey

Inbound marketing has been around for over a decade and as HubSpot constantly updates the platform, we’re always on the lookout for new tools to add to our tech stack. All of this is to ensure we help you stay ahead of the game.

A customised inbound strategy to meet your goals

The way we produce the goods you pay for (blogs, videos, strategy) is a well-oiled machine. But what we deliver changes depending on your goals, circumstances and budget. That’s why every campaign is tailored to your own strategy.


Flexibility and no tie in contracts

We’re so confident you’ll be delighted with our results that we don’t tie you down. There’s nothing worse than being stuck working with a company who you don’t gel with - that will never happen here. We only ask for 30 days’ notice.

We want to help you excel in your industry by sharing our knowledge and experience

We’re highly praised in the HubSpot community, from the awards we’ve won to the high ratings we’ve received from our clients in the official HubSpot Agency Directory for our unique way of working. We want to use our skills to help you be the best in your industry.



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Benefit from a tried and tested process to get the results you need

Take a look at our pricing guide to find out how this process works with you and for you.