Redirect Form

Create a hyper-personalised user journey by redirecting form users to a post-submission URL based on what they answer.

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99.00 USD

99.00 USD

New Product

  • Create a more bespoke user journey
  • Boost overall UX with hyper-relevant pages post-submission
  • Increase post-form conversion success by reaching tailored content immediately
  • Delight website visitors into loving interacting with your website




Conversion Forms Interaction

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The Redirect Form lets you send users who fill in the form to different URL's post-submission. This gives users of your website a more bespoke experience. Overall UX is improved and so is website success.

It works by using the logic from how they answer the relevant redirect question (a dropdown in the form) and sending them to a pre-prescribed URL that you decide.

This lets you tailor the user's journey to a super-fine level. Set up your question and answers to reveal persona context and edit the destination page to closely suit them.


  1. First, create your 'conditional field' (must be dropdown select) in Properties
  2. Use  the 'conditional field' in your form
  3. Place the module in the page and select your form
  4. Style the form to match your site
  5. Apply the logic to the edits
    - You must match the internal value of your property to the logical field in the form
    - Add a condition for each selection


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