Two Column Image and Content

You don't always need to build your own HubSpot custom modules. For common modules like this one, also known as a switchback container, you can quickly install and use it. For less than what you just spent on a coffee.

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Combine content types

Improve visual engagement

There's a lot of info absorb on a web page. That's why the old two column image and text or the switchback container is one of the most common features on any website.

Instead of paying your development team to do something so simple (to them), spend less than you would on a coffee and install this module instead.

Don't pay for HubSpot custom modules that can be bought off the shelf instead.

How to use and install the module:

  1. Install it via the HubSpot Marketplace
  2. Drag it into location on your chosen HubSpot website or landing page and choose the background colour and padding amount
  3. Add a new piece of content in the module editor pane and choose whether the image goes left or right. Fill out the Rich Text area content
  4. Experiment with using alternate left and right image layouts or embedding a video there instead (tick box option to enable this)
  5. Hit apply changes, update your page to publish changes and drive traffic to it

See an example of the module below...


$5.00 USD

$5.00 USD

200+ Installs

  • A simple, elegant design
  • Fully responsive
  • Repeatable two-column layout items using HubSpot's repeater field options
  • Left & right image position options
  • An option to display video instead of an image
  • Rich text format
  • Ability to add custom CTAs




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