TikTok Embed for HubSpot

Using TikTok for business is growing FAST. Tie your early-adoption of the exciting video platform into your website's content via this module.

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Show your character with minimal effort

Update your website with fun, engaging content that showcases your company culture


It doesn't always have to be comedy skits and tricky dance routines (but it sometimes might be). TikTok is a great opportunity for showcasing a company's fun side. This TikTok embed for Hubspot is perfect for:

  1. Showing off your character in a style fitting for the fastest growing video platform in the world
  2. Engaging employees, candidates and client contacts with your company culture in two places at once: on social media AND on your website
  3. Showing that you are a business with a human side... And in tune with the modern world


Tips for using TikTok for business: By producing relatable, accessible content that your target persona will be interested in. Even if you're a B2B business, the people you're marketing and selling to are still human, at the end of the day (unless you're a pet food supplier)... So they or their colleagues will be hanging out on TikTok.

You can tap into the platform's spookily accurate algorithm to get your brand in front of MILLIONS of potential customers.

And bring the content inside HubSpot: By installing this module, you can bring your TikTok feed inside your website. It works like any other HubSpot module: just drag it into place and input the video ID and username.

How to use the module:

  1. Drag the HubSpot module to the location you want it on your HubSpot page
  2. Insert the video ideo from the TikTok video URL into the module editor on the left hand pane in HubSot. It's the long number highlighted here: www.tiktok.com/@username/video/12345678998765432
  3. Add your @username in the next box
  4. Confirm the size of the embedded player and hit APPLY CHANGES and update your page.

Your TikTok will now embedded into your HubSpot page.

See it in action then install the module via the HubSpot Marketplace:



19.00 USD

19.00 USD

New Product

TikTok's the home for engaging, fun videos. More and more B2B companies are getting involved.

  • Showcase your company culture
  • Reach MILLIONS of young professionals using the platform
  • And embed the content you create into your website to show off your character





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