Stats Circle with Graphic

With the stats circle custom module found in the HubSpot marketplace you can highlight your companies skills and talents in an eye-catching animated graphic. The module features customizable elements to match your websites look and feel.

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Showcase stats in a way that looks fancy (but takes no dev skills at all)

It's hard to say what's the best thing about this module, either:

  1. How cool the finished item looks on your website (show me a cooler way to present facts and figures)
  2. How simple it is to use. Add a little finesse to your page without needing to know a line of JavaScript.

How it works:

Install the module by clicking the CTA on this page and downloading it into your HubSpot portal.

Head to the page where you want to showcase some stats or statistics.

Search for the module in your page editor and drag it into the relevant page section.

Edit in the side pane like you would any other module. And that's where you can change the colours and of course the content it shows.

Get creative by using it with a killer headline above and some subheading copy to add some context.

Then let the stats do the talking. Like this,

Hey, what percentage of people who buy this module really love it?


9.00 USD

9.00 USD

50+ Installs

  • Delight page visitors
  • Showcase figures creatively
  • Control the appearance
  • Editable icons and graphics




Branding Layout Interaction

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