Progress Bar

Easily one of our most popular options in the HubSpot module marketplace, it's a progress bar to visualise how far you are through a page. Scroll down but keep your eyes up top to see it in action.

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Perfect for long pages

Let visitors know how much content they're getting through

On blog posts, pillar pages and other long pages, a progress bar floating at the top encourages visitors to stick with your content.

You can entice them in with a meaty hook at the top, but attentions and time are short - so people will consider leaving your page.

But seeing the progress bar half filled will encourage them to carry on. They've invested that much so far, so they might as well carry on.

How to install and use the module:

  1. Install it for free from the HubSpot module marketplace
  2. Open up the editor on your chosen HubSpot website or landing page. Or in the global area of the design manager, your blog template page
  3. Drag the module onto a section of your page and edit the colours
  4. Apply your changes and update the page



200+ Installs

  • Stackable for multi-color bars
  • Easy to install
  • Fully editable




Layout Conversion Header

Works with:

Pages Blog Posts

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