HubSpot Multiform Module

Combines a group of single forms into one user interaction. Captures data at every step because HubSpot thinks each form stands alone in its own right - but your user thinks it's just one form.

Take that, form abandoners.

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Combine a group of forms into one

One after the other

With this module, multiple HubSpot forms create a seamless way to capture TONNES of information. Because, in HubSpot's brain, each step of your multiform is a standalone regular form.

So, you're capturing data at each step with unique form submissions.

This module allows marketers to create multiple forms within HubSpot and layer them into a single page.

By having the forms stored within a single module you're able to progress the user to the next step or stage without redirecting them to another page.

This boosts your form submission rate whilst capturing additional information for you to use too.

Each stage is its own unique form which stores the data within HubSpot CRM for your reference.

Quick Tip: Ask for the user's email address in your first form (Step 1 of the Multiform) and you'll be able to use Workflows to get in touch with people who abandon the form mid-way through.

How to install and use the module:

  1. Install it now, via the HubSpot Marketplace
  2. Drag the module to where you want multiple forms together on your HubSpot Landing Page or Website Page
  3. Edit the module and add the desired forms, then finalise your labels, steps and pagination details
  4. Apply changes and update your page


Try the multiform module below...


99.00 USD

99.00 USD

50+ Installs

This form module includes the following editable features:

  • Change Module Background Color
  • Change Form Background Color
  • Editable text for Step/Stage Labels
  • Customize Form Title and Text
  • Edit Button Colors
  • Edit Pagination Color
  • Unlimited Number of Steps/Stages




Conversion Forms Interaction

Works with:

  • 1 Name of Step 1
  • 2 Name of Step 2
  • 3 Name of Step 3
  • 4 Completed

Title of Step 1

Rich Text module content goes here.

Title of Step 2

Rich text content goes here.

Title of Step 3

Rich text content goes here.

Thank You for Sampling this Module

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