Multi-Step Form

Make HubSpot multi page forms more manageable for users by making it multi-step. The numbered steps orientate the page visitor and lead to higher submission rates.


Improve submission rates on HubSpot multi page forms

Multi-step forms are perfect for surveys, long registration forms, persona creation, customer on-boarding, and any other long-form you may need.

In short, if it's a long-ass form that might put people off: turn it into a multi-step.

The way it's broken up helps give users the confidence that they're making progress.

Did you know: Studies have shown that people being told that a task in front of them is long is actually proven to make them more likely to see it through?

So, by showing your users that they have numbered steps to work through means they're more likely to complete the form.

But here's another sweet touch from using this module:

If people do abandon the form mid-way through, the details they have shared will still be captured.

Yep. That means you can now follow up using the information you do have and super-segment your workflow messaging,

"Hey, Clive, looks like you only filled in half the steps on that form, yesterday. Wanna go through the rest now so you can get this amazing guide to improving your results at Clive's Company Name?"

How to use it:

Select the form you wish to use, and simply add rich text titles to create new page sections.

It's really that simple, to be honest. That's why it's had well over 200 downloads.

Plus, you can fully customise it to match your website and build a seamless user experience. Winner.

IMPORTANT TIP: Make sure your form has Raw HTML toggled 'on'. Without doing this, the multi-step feature won't work.


48.00 USD


48.00 USD

200+ Installs

Customizable features:
  • Background colour
  • Pagination colour
  • Pagination labels
  • Font
  • Button colour
  • Button labels




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