Interactive Checklist HubSpot website add on

Enhance your on-page user experience by including a checklist your visitors can actually interact with. Local storage remembers exactly what each visitor has checked and unchecked.

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A HubSpot website add on

That makes your page interactive

The internet is throwing information at us at a rate we couldn't imagine even a decade ago. We're all content consuming MACHINES.

But how often do you interact with the content on a page? How often do you actually touch the content on a page apart from pressing a button or filling in a form?

Use the interactive checklist to:

  • Test your content's engagement level
  • Let users feel like they're in conversation
  • Ask questions in your content and let users answer by ticking their answers

Each visitor will be able to come back to their own personalised, locally stored checklist.

Get creative by setting them up for direct engagement. Setup the checklist by positioning the completed list as one which is the antithesis, the baddie, the complete opposite of what your user wants to be. And challenging them to leave the boxes ticked.

This fun engagement tool leaves page visitors feeling delighted and more likely to engage with you via form submissions or contact details.

Add the module to your portal now via the HubSpot Marketplace.

How to install it on a page:

  1. Once you've installed it into your portal from the HubSpot Marketplace, drag it into place on your page like any other module
  2. Add a new 'Item Label' for each item you want on your checklist for user's to tick off
  3. Set the colours of the check box for empty, hover and checked
  4. Apply changes and update or publish your page
  5. TIP: Add more context to the checklist by adding some rich text above it. The module itself is purely the checklist alone. See the example below...

This heading is part of a rich text area above the module:

Some explainer text could go here like, 'As you work through the steps, check them off on this list'


$50.00 USD


$50.00 USD

New Product


  • Drag and Drop ready
  • Edit to match your page
  • Adds interactivity to your pages






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