Glossary Module

Do you work in an industry that has a language of its own? Need a HubSpot FAQ module of your own? Including a glossary of terms and FAQs used in your industry is a great way to engage and educate website visitors.

Glossary Module

Help users find information

With interactive filtering

By sorting your content, your page visitors will be able to sort through a mine of information more easily. Help them find terms or FAQs.

This encourages page interaction and increases the likelihood of them absorbing the information on your page.

In turn, this aids your SEO efforts as average dwell time will increase and help your page increase in Google Ranking.

Lastly, because the information is so well organised and easy to access, your user will have a more productive experience and be more likely to convert on your page.

Top use cases for the Glossary Module:

  1. Define industry terminology for layman customers (See an example from a happy customer.)
  2. Use it as a Company Directory and list your employees and their contact details
  3. Use it as an accessible reference library for your key processes and documentation titles, for either internal or customer-facing purposes

How to use it:

  1. Drag and Drop into place on your page
  2. Set the Glossary Module's colours to match your page (you can edit the background, legend and text colours)
  3. Input your definitions, ensuring the first word starts with the letter you want the entry filed under

Try out below and install it via the HubSpot Marketplace


29.00 USD

29.00 USD

10+ Installs

Perfect for:
  • Glossary of definitions
  • Knowledge base of advice
  • Employee directory





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