Font Awesome List Icons

Create eye-catching lists with Icons and images.  Popular Font Awesome Icons are immediately recognizable or create a custom experience with your own icon images. 

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Add beautiful icons to your content

And communicate your message faster

People already love lists. That's why you use them in your content.

But people can process information 60,000 times faster when it's communicated visually.

So, when you use icons in your bullet lists, you'll be able to drive your message home in super-quick time.

  • Use any Font Awesome in your account
  • Browse from thousands of options inside HubSpot
  • Or create your own bespoke icons and use those

How to use the module

  1. Install the Font Awesome List Icon module now via the HubSpot Marketplace
  2. Drag and drop it into place on your chosen HubSpot page
  3. Add and chose your first icon, and add some short accompanying text
  4. Syle the icon to match your page design. Clone and repeat step 3 as many times as required
  5. Apply changes and then publish or update your page

$10.00 USD


$10.00 USD

New Product

Use icons to add visual communication to your written lists.

  • Use Font Awesome, HuSpot or custom icons
  • Works to visually engage page viewers
  • Without needing Designers and Developers




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