Excel to HubSpot Table Module

Tables. They've always been a pain to build in HubSpot without breaking your page. But not anymore. You can use a HubSpot table module that embeds your Excel file into your HubSpot page.

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The easiest way to show tables on HubSpot

By embedding Excel in this HubSpot table module

Having the ability to display table data on a website page or landing page can be extremely useful. But it's been hard to use tables in HubSpot properly.

But now it's easy with this HubSpot table module.

Especially if you already have all that data stored in your excel spreadsheets. Before this module, displaying table data on a website page required a tremendous amount of tedious coding and styling.

Now with the embeddable spreadsheet module, you can display table data on any HubSpot page with a simple file upload.

How to install and use this module:

  1. Install it via the HubSpot marketplace
  2. Prepare your table of information in Excel (or convert a Google Sheet into an XLS file) and upload into your HubSpot File Manager
  3. Drag the module into place on your chosen HubSpot website or landing page
  4. Apply changes and update your page

Users can now access your table of information.

Take a look at an example Excel embed below...


50.00 USD

50.00 USD

New Product

  • Upload tables to HubSpot and display them on CMS pages
  • Showcase lines of information clearly
  • Using a format familiar to everyone




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