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Improve HubSpot form submission rates by turning them into a smooth, one-question-at-a-time survey. Ideal for gathering valuable customer insights and feedback.

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69.00 USD

69.00 USD

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  • Fully customisable module to fit your brand
  • Editable colours, fonts and buttons
  • Make it interactive and engaging with images, GIFs, and video added to any intro page.




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Survey your page visitors

Then segment them based on their answers

Nobody is interested in emails and page content that isn't relevant to them.

By getting page visitors to take part in your survey, you can find out more about them and then improve the relevance of content you put in front of them.

Their answers can update contact properties in their contact record. You can then create lists based on what they've answered and use this to your advantage when it comes to automated emails, eshots and even personalised page content.

Move over Typeform and SurveyMonkey

Because you can build a full survey experience inside your HubSpot page

Think what that'll do for your HubSpot form submission rates.

The module lets you create a start and end page that includes video, GIF and other rich content. The 'survey' in the middle is a standard HubSpot form - so immediately informs your database.

Easily transform forms into a smooth one-question-at-a-time survey and gather valuable customer insights to help you make the most effective marketing decisions for your business.

Fully compatible with HubSpot website and landing pages, simply use the drag and drop editor to place the module anywhere on your page and gather that all-important data to help you understand your customer’s needs and motivations better.

How to install and use it:

  1. Install the module via the HubSpot Marketplace
  2. Create a regular HubSpot Form with your survey questions (name it something relevant, e.g. 'Customer Survey'). Make sure all questions are radio select answer versions, apart from the last one
  3. Drag the survey module into place on your chosen HubSpot website or landing page and choose the 'Customer Survey' form you created
  4. Style the module up to match your page by choosing the appropriate colours and font. Insert your start and end page content in the Rich Text module inside the survey module
  5. Apply changes and update your page. Then share the URL on social, email and wherever else you're driving traffic from

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