HubSpot Custom Module Button is a simple way to add an external link to your HubSpot hosted content. Not every situation requires a Call to Action, and in some instances, a CTA may not work with the link you’re placing. For this, we’ve created a customisable button for you.

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Got an affiliate link? 

Instead of a CTA, use this button module

If you use a HubSpot CTA, the tracking additions to the URL will break your affiliate link. By using this button module you'll preserve your tracking and be able to use affiliate links on a HubSpot page.

You can move faster and with less complications by using a button module instead of installing a HubSpot CTA in scenarios like these:

You need to add a button in a hurry and don't need the CTA tracking data. Just drag it into place and insert the link.

You want to use a simple anchor link to another area of the same page and there's no need for a full HubSpot CTA.

You're a HubSpot user without the rights for editing and publishing CTAs and just need to send a user to another page and tracking isn't important.




500+ Insalls

  • Custom size
  • Custom shape
  • Custom colors




Conversion Interaction Settings

Works with:

Pages Email Blog Post Quotes

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