Animated Rich Text

Bring content to life with a customisable rich-text animation that needs no code or scripts. It's the little HubSpot website optimisation trick that anyone can use. With 65 animation effects to choose from including fade, flip and zoom, you’ll quickly be able to bring key elements to life

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Animate your rich text module

In over 50 different ways

If animations are something you use on your site, you can animate any type of content you'd use in a rich text module - without needing to touch any code.

You can see the module in action here on this content and get hold of it yourself by following these instructions. It includes 50+ animation styles in the price.

  1. Install it via the HubSpot Marketplace into your own Hubspot portal
  2. Drag the module into place on your chosen page
  3. Input your content (anything you would in a regular rich text module like copy, images, video embeds, CTAs)
  4. Choose your animation style, duration and delay
  5. Apply changes and update your page

And, just like that, your rich text content is more animated than an angry football coach who's just had a big decision go against their team.

A quick and simple HubSpot website optimisation option that will bring life to your website.



10.00 USD

10.00 USD

New Product

  • Choose animation effect
  • Choose the speed duration
  • Choose the delay




Branding Layout Interaction

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