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Build the anatomy of a landing page HubSpot would love. Take your static images up a notch with animation effects including fade, flip and zoom, to help have more impact on page visitors. Go subtle or go big with over 50 animations to choose from...

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Add even more visual engagement to a page

By animating a static image

People process visual information 60,000x faster than text alone. That's why they're great for improving the anatomy of a landing page.

HubSpot will advise on loads of different ways to improve landing page sucess but one thing we've learned over the years is that an image does wonders for results.

By subty animating it, you can make sure the visual message isn't missed. And, in turn, increase landing page conversions.

How to install and use the module:

  1. Install it via the HubSpot Marketplace
  2. Drag the module into place on your chosen website or landing page in HubSpot
  3. Choose your image (such as the eBook or other offer that the visitor is signing up for on your landing page)
  4. Choose your animation style, duration and delay for it to happen
  5. Apply changes to the module and update or publish your page

See it in action below...

Animated Image Module

10.00 USD

10.00 USD

New Product

  • Choose animation effect
  • Choose the speed duration
  • Choose the delay




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