Animated Header

If animations are your thing but waiting for a developer to be available isn't, you can animate a header in just a few clicks by installing this module.

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Use over 50 animation styles

And use any <H> tag to automatically match the rest of your site

  • From subtle pulses to high-energy options, you can add even more visual attraction to your HubSpot page's headings by animating them.
  • For HubSpot AB testing landing pages, using different animation options on your headings is another way to increase form submissions.

Once you've tweaked your copy to be as effective as possible, why not try seeing how your audience responds to animations?

And if they respond well, you can further optimise your HubSpot landing pages by AB testing different animation styles. You've got over 50 to go at.

How to install and use the module

  1. Install the module via the HubSpot Marketplace
  2. Drag the module into place on your website or landing page, wherever you want your heading
  3. Choose the hierarchy of your H tag (H1, H2, etc) and input your heading text. It will automatically match your site styling
  4. Choose your animation style, duration and delay
  5. Apply changes and update or publish your page



10.00 USD

10.00 USD

New Product

  • Choose animation effect
  • Choose the speed duration
  • Choose the delay




Header Layout Interaction

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