But what if the Marketing Hub isn't set up properly?

Well you might be able to see some of this information, but it certainly won’t be the best the platform can offer.

That’s where we can help

With 73 HubSpot rollouts under our belt, we have learnt the essentials that need doing in the setup stage, but also some of those hidden extras that bring you true value from the platform.

Here’s a list of some of the items which we will implement in this stage:

By creating landing page and blog templates at the start you have a solid foundation for sharing your content

Making sure you have subdomains is crucial for helping you get the most from HubSpot

If you have forms you want all the submissions to be tracked in one place, so you

Connecting your social accounts and email addresses in HubSpot will allow you to maximise the all in one reporting functionality

Making sure your website is performing is really important

Having all your contacts in one place and segmenting them for lists is really important for targeting and segmenting your marketing campaigns

There’s loads more items that we cover

Including providing personalised advice on how to integrate HubSpot with your systems. Take a look at our pricing guide for more.