Here's everything you need to know about our event on 23rd June 2022
23.6.2022 9am to 5pm
Holmes Mill, Clitheroe

About The Event

We're back to help you get fresh ideas and the latest marketing techniques from industry experts. Meet other passionate marketers and start the new year hungry, energised and confident in what you're doing.

All of the talks will be taking place on a single stage, one after the other. As soon as we’ve confirmed the running order, it’ll be emailed out and shown here on this page. We know that you’re busy and might need to dip out of one of the sessions and make a call. Also, you might just want to talk in-depth on a topic with one of our team.

Or you may just want to be in the main room for all the talks and get as much valuable learning as possible.

Either way, it’s good to know how the day’s gonna flow.


Event Starts at 9am



What to expect

Kirsty Hulse

Founder and Facilitator
at Roar Training

Brave marketers: how to increase confidence, take risks and get more done

Creative risk is a central pillar to successful marketing campaigns and believing in yourself, and your ideas, is essential to this. As well as being able to confidently express yourself, your worth and your ideas.
In this practical and inspiring talk you will learn:
  • How to regulate nerves before pitches, meetings and calls
  • Practical ways to believe in yourself and your skills
  • Increase buy-in and engagement when presenting to clients or stakeholders

Sarah McDevitt

Director of Professional Services
at HubSpot

The Power of Respect and its Impact on Creativity

In this talk, Sarah will explore the impact of respect on working relationships between agencies and marketers.  Sarah will discuss the self-inflicted wound of some marketers that impacts the talent available to them and the wider industry. She will also talk about how it impacts the marketer's access to the best ideas and work, the importance of boundaries, creating a culture of shared accountability, and how respect can help the marketer get the best ideas. The fact is when respect is missing we become less open to other ideas and possibilities, and we can’t generate consistently high-caliber and novel ideas.


Kyle Jepson

Senior Inbound Sales Professor
at HubSpot

How to create educational content that will help your company grow

Education is a core part of the inbound movement, and it's relevant at all stages of the buyer's journey. Insightful content on your website and social channels will build trust and grow your audience. A disposition for teaching will make your sales team far more engaging and helpful to your prospects. Instructional documentation and videos will help your customers succeed in using your product. Join long-time HubSpot Academy professor Kyle Jepson as he talks about how to build the educational muscle at your organization, whether you're just getting started or looking to take your efforts to the next level. 

Chris Van Praag

Account Executive (EMEA)
at Vidyard

Going beyond Marketing with Video - How video can influence
all stages of your flywheel

In this session, Chris van Praag from market leading video platform Vidyard will show you how video can impact all stages of the customer journey from lead gen to customer success and how you can extract the maximum value from your video content.


Luke Staton

Motivational Speaker and Coach

Pushing beyond your comfort
zone to achieve more


Luke is a regular at LOVE INBOUND and is back again to inspire us to push beyond our comfort zones to achieve more in all areas of our life.  


Josh Quarrie

Head of Strategy and Demand Gen
at Avidly UK & CA

What does Inbound in a post-pandemic world look like?

As the world emerges from the greatest upheaval of a generation; the way consumers behave is changing like never before. In this presentation we investigate the new ‘post-covid’ consumer trends and whether the inbound tactics of yesterday will still work tomorrow; or if marketers will need a new playbook for the future.

Azeem Ahmad

Digital Marketing Consultant
at I am Azeem Digital

Diversity and inclusion in marketing

Azeem has spent a few years looking at, and researching diversity and inclusion within the marketing sector, as well as polling the industry anonymously. In this talk, he will share the results, as well as a critical look at why progress has been so slow - and give tips for people of all backgrounds to be better allies to marketers who are from minority cultural backgrounds.


Chris Knowles

Development Manager
at Avidly UK & CA

Actionable tips to make your website work harder (without a developer)

There are often assumptions that to get the most out of your website you need a developer, and whilst some things do need a dev, there are some things you can do to get more from it.  In this talk, Chris will go through the ways that you can optimise your website to make sure that it is working as hard as it can.

Barbro Fagerbakk

Chief Revenue Office
at Avidly

Smarketing for Business Growth Sales and marketing (smarketing) alignment is potentially the largest opportunity for improving business performance. When these teams unite around a single revenue cycle, they dramatically improve marketing return on investment (ROI), sales productivity and top-line growth. And marketers need to show the way. 

Rikki Lear and Guests

Managing Director
at Avidly UK & CA

Inbound marketing growth stories

Joined by three companies, Rikki will share first hand examples of successful growth to inspire you! You'll hear about the impact a new website can have, how HubSpot can be utilised across a full business and that inbound marketing drives high quality leads that close.

5pm close




So many experts share podcasts, newsletters, tutorials, eBooks and whatever else, that your reading list grows and grows. But finding the time to get stuck into all these learnings is too hard. So LOVE INBOUND is putting as many experts as possible in one place for you to dedicate the day to becoming a better marketer.

Expert speakers from around the inbound marketing world are coming together at a free learning event in the North West of England.

Your time is precious and there's a lot of noise out there. So, who should you listen to? We've selected industry-leading speakers with tips and expertise to help you grow your marketing ideas, knowledge and confidence.

The Speakers

Kyle Jepson
Senior Inbound Sales Professor at HubSpot
Kirsty Hulse
Founder and Facilitator at Roar Training
Sarah Mcdevitt
Director of Professional Services at HubSpot
Azeem_Headshot_21 (1)
Azeem Ahmad
Digital Marketing Consultant at I Am Azeem Digital
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Chris Van PRAag
Account Executive (EMEA) at Vidyard
Luke Staton New 2
Luke Staton
Motivational Speaker and Coach
Josh Quarrie
Head of Strategy and Demand Gen at Avidly UK & CA
Rikki Lear
Managing Director at Avidly UK & CA
Barbro FagerBakk
Chief Revenue Office at Avidly
Chris Knowles
Development Manager at Avidly UK & CA

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