Why won't my form module work?

If you've downloaded any of our form modules from the marketplace and are struggling with the end result, try this 'right 99% of the time' fix.

If your module includes any sort of form element, make sure you enable the setting 'Set as Raw HTML form.'

If it isn't necessarily a form module but has the option to 'Set as Raw HTML' make sure that it's enabled too.

Why should I enable Raw HTML for forms?

Without getting too technical, in order to give you the flexibility to style your form modules how you want them and to empower the form to do clever things outside of HubSpot's out-the-box level of sophistication; Raw HTML needs to be enabled.

HubSpot is designed to be non-techy friendly, which means that it has certain guardrails in place. It stops people like me from breaking things and stopping websites from working. And making the dev team roll their eyes at what I've done.

Non-standard form modules, like the one you've installed, are designed and built to work outside of these guardrails and allow you to do fancy things (like polls and multi-step forms with progress bars etc, etc).

Enabling the Raw HTML lets your Module say to HubSpot, "Don't worry. We're okay. Let me do my thing."

Enable this setting and it fixes 99% of errors or challenges with form modules.