Why You Need Unique Value In Your Content And How To Get It

An 3 step overview about unique value in your content with an in-depth look at how to use voice and tone to their full potential.

Why You Need Unique Value In Your Content And How To Get It
Written by Paul Mortimer
SEO  |   2 minute read

Offering unique value in your content - whatever form it comes in - is vital if you want to impact your bottom line and drive up conversions. In the few minutes it will take to read this post you'll have a better idea of how to add unique value to your online content.

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Why Do You Need Unique Value In Your Content?

Hopefully, the importance of content in relation to your inbound strategy is now a given. Just in case it isn't, let me say this;

B2B companies that are blogging generate 67% more leads than those that don't. Enough said.

The tricky thing is how to add value to your content so that it actually reaches the biggest possible and most interested audience. There's a whole lot of noise out there - so you need to do something unique and valuable in order to get results.

Doing something unique can be easy enough - it's doing it well enough to add value that is tricky.

Here are three areas to target to make sure you add unique value to your content.


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1. Provide New Useful Information

It doesn't have to be an Earth-shattering discovery, but it does need to be something that hasn't been offered before.

Think up-to-date statistics, unusual industry news and new advice or educational content.


2. Present Existing Information In A More Valuable Way

Are your competitors trying to teach readers to suck eggs in 5,000 words when an infographic will do? Cut through the waffle and get to the point. Google wants a streamlined UX that delivers results fast.

So do users; why would a demographic who won't wait four seconds for a page to load spend time reading thousands of words to answer their one line query?


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3. Provide Reader's With A Uniquely Enjoyable Experience

This is the main point.

It can be boosted by any - or ideally ALL - of the following;

Use Pleasing Aesthetics;

We are attracted to things that look good, it's a fact. Ensure all of your content looks tidy, professional and trustworthy. Make sure it's mobile friendly and is easy on the eye.

Have a look at your competitor's and different industry sites, look at their content and decide what YOU like about their aesthetic. Apply the basic principles to your own work.

Employ Consistent Branding;

Then make sure your branding is on point across the board. Write a branding guideline for the company to make sure that inconsistencies are rooted out. Being thorough will make your content feel familiar to readers, building their trust in the process.

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Ensure It's Well Organised;

This isn't just important for your site as a whole; your content needs to be well organised too. Make sure blogs are well tagged. Make sure images are a consistent size. Make sure the eye can flow easily. Be conscious of where the fold occurs in relation to key parts.

Make Sure It's Well Written And Well Proofed;

Because nothing suggests a sloppy service like sloppy grammar on your site, blog and downloads. Your content creators need to take pride in what they're producing and take the time to make sure it's fit to go out into the ether. Failure to do this reduces the unique value of your content - it will be just another careless blog writing on a topic just for the sake of it.



Use A Tone That Feels Natural;

This is a major key.

Nothing undermines user trust than somebody providing content which feels unnatural and forced. It's too "sales-y". It's too false. Nobody is going to stick around and be nurtured from a lead into a customer if your content is impossible to enjoy in the first place.

Make them smile. Make them sit up and pay attention. Make them want to share it on social.

Make them enjoy spending their time reading your content and you will be offering a lot more unique value. Then you'll see a lot more success.


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