Inbound After Hours: Why and how to leverage episodic video content.

We’re discussing the rise of episodic video content and how to make it work for your business.

Inbound After Hours: Why and how to leverage episodic video content.
Written by Paul Mortimer
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In the second Inbound After Hours episode of 2020, three of us sat down to talk about how episodic video content is such a powerful tool for businesses.

We looked at how we can tap into people's daily content consumption habits (binge-watching box-sets and short snippet-length videos on social) then leverage it for your business' advantage (providing entertaining videos that delights customers and insightful educational videos that you can't help but keep watching).

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This format is the original Inbound After Hours and it'll now be happening once a month. We'll be discussing a relevant and timely topic, but chatting about how to make it something you can leverage for your inbound marketing efforts.

We'll be bringing back the popular Inbound Influencers series and giving it its own space. Once a month, we'll be interviewing thought-leaders from our field so that you can get knowledge directly from the people driving our industry forward. Previous guests include the likes of Rand Fishkin, Neil Patel, Brian Halligan, Larry Kim and loads more.

We'll also be sharing deeply insightful and actionable talks from training events we hold such as LOVE INBOUND and the Manchester HUG.

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