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Logos play an important role in a business’ marketing. Take a few seconds to think of the best business logos out there. What do you get? McDonald’s ‘Golden Arches’, Apple’s apple icon and Dreamworks’ boy fishing on the moon. These are great logos. For a start, they’re memorable.

A successful logo design is easy to remember and resonates with the values and characteristics of the company. A great logo imprints into the minds of potential customers. So, when I walk down the street and see the golden arches, I know it’s McDonalds and they sell hamburgers. When I see the Apple icon, I instantly think of iPods and iPads.

Having a terrible logo won’t destroy the ambitions of your company but having a great business logo will offer many benefits, especially in relation to your future marketing.

What makes an effective logo? Here are the key features you should include when designing your logo.

1) It's unique

Originality is vital when designing your logo. It needs to stand out from the crowd and not look similar to your competitors.

When creating your logo, draw several potential designs. Then go to the internet and see if there are any logos that are similar to yours. You can be sued by other companies if they think you’re copying their design. Having a unique style can capture the attention of potential customers and helps you create a memorable logo.GoldenArchesEvolution.jpg

2) Memorable

Think of the best logos out there. Which ones come immediately to mind? McDonald’s ‘M’ logo can be recognised anywhere. Having a memorable logo helps people instantly remember you and they’re more likely to return to your business the next time they want to shop.

Remember visual content is processed a whopping 60,000 X faster in the brain than text and 90% of info transmitted is visual, therefore it's important to make an impact.

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3) It reflects your business name

Your logo must relate to your business’ name. Apple’s apple icon is a great and obvious choice.  As your logo is going to be part of your company’s brand, you need to create a logo that makes people think of your business when they see it.

There are lots of opportunities to be creative with your logo. Your logo needs to grow with you. If your business gets to a point where it outgrows the logo, it must be updated in order to keep consistent with your overall brand.


4) It engages with your target audience


Think of your target audience during the creation of your logo. A great logo engages with their target market.

For example, if you’re targeting your business towards teenagers who enjoy playing with the latest tech, you may consider having a logo that’s bright and edgy. During the development of your logo, take some time to go and do some market research. Find out how your target audience reacts to your logo, always keep the audience in mind.

If they like it, you’re on the right path, if they don’t, go back to the drawing board. 

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5) It resonates with your company's culture


Your logo must reflect your company’s culture. When we say this, we mean, if your company is creative and enjoys humour, communicate these features in your logo. A great logo can make a big first impression and you want to send the correct message to the people who see it.

If you’re a personal injury law company, it would be inappropriate to have a comical logo. Your target market will be expecting you to have a formal and professional logo. The design and tone of your logo should reflect your company’s values.   


The five features you need to have a good logo


Creating a successful business logo can take trial and error to discover what works best. However, if you ensure your logo incorporates these five features you will have a memorable logo that successfully engages with your target audience.

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