Motion graphic designs are moving animation graphics that are often used in television, films, computer games and videos. In recent years, more companies are using animations as part of their marketing strategies. You might be thinking, "yeah but surely animations are more expensive than a video." True, it can be, but there are lots of benefits to having motion graphic design. 


How Can Motion Graphic Design Benefit My Company?

More businesses are using motion graphics. You can see animations on websites, social media posts, television adverts, YouTube ads, GIFs and so much more. There are lots of marketing opportunities available when it comes to animation.

Here is how motion graphic design can offer lots of benefits to your company:

1. Demonstrates Your Creativity

If you're a company who offers creative services then having motion graphics can show your ideal customers that you're truly creative. Arguably, compared to video, animation requires greater creative attention. Designers have to decide on colour, style, character design, setting, etc. You have to draw everything from scratch but you do have more freedom on what to use in your animations. Just think about some of the most bizarre animated television programmes out there: Adventure Time and The Amazing World of Gumball.


Adventure TimeImage Credit

By showing your creativity through creative animations, you can attract and impress potential customers.

You can use motion graphics in your website and in marketing materials to help you stand out from the competition. 

2. Gives You The Opportunity To Create Your Own Brand Style

Just like creating a branded website or promotional advert, animated motion graphics can be branded with your style. You can use your company colours and design to engage with viewers and promote your business. Having an individual style will make you more memorable. For example, hand-drawn characters and website designs can have a greater lasting impact because they are creatively unique and stand out.

Engaging motion graphic designs have the potential to be successful marketing campaigns. 

With animation you can truly bring your company mascots to life. Think about Funky Pigeon (from or Tony the Tiger from Kellogg's Frosties. Animated characters can embody the company culture and become powerful marketing personalities.

3. Interact With Your Ideal Buyer Persona

While animations can interact with people of all ages, they can be especially engaging with younger audiences. Children in particular regularly watch animated films and cartoons on TV. The imaginative characters and storylines can keep their attention and be useful educational tools.

If one of your ideal buyer personas is a younger audience, then you should consider the benefits of motion graphics. Creating animated characters who are fun and engaging means your marketing will have a significantly greater impact on potential customers. 

We were asked to create an animated video for Doncaster Council. They wanted to improve attendance in schools, so we created original characters to engage with the kids. (We helped improve attendance in over 100 schools!) 


Wistia video thumbnail - DMBC Sam & Sammie Punctual

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4. Shows You're Investing In The Future

Using animation shows your customers that you're investing into your company's future. Every customer experiences a journey before they buy and nowadays it's especially important for a customer that they are buying from a trustworthy and professional company. 

Just by investing in a new website or marketing promotional tools can help show people that you're a company who is going to be around for the long term. You're investing into your company's branding and future.

Want To Engage With Your Audience? Discover The Potential Of Animation

We created animated motion graphics for Yorkshire Wildlife Park. See what we did in our free case study.

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