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What Is HubSpot? Why We Use (And Love) The HubSpot CMS

Written by Paul Mortimer

01 | 06 | 16

Inbound Marketing  |  
4 minute read

We're proud to be a HubSpot Diamond Certified Agency Partner. But what is HubSpot, exactly? This blog post explains what it is, why we use it and why it's the CMS of choice.


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What is HubSpot?

HubSpot is an all inclusive CMS software used all around the world. It's the leading voice in inbound marketing, having originally coined the term and going a long way to growing the practice across America and beyond since starting in 2006. We've covered the ins and outs of what is inbound marketing previously in this blog post.

The software allows management of website content and every other aspect of inbound marketing: email, SEO, automation and email nurturing, landing pages, social media, blogging and - of course - full analytics.



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Why is HubSpot the market leader?

This is due to to the all encompassing features previously mentioned and the industry leading back-end support that allows users to get on with planning and creating great campaigns, whilst HubSpot provides the platform to put it into practice.

The UI saves time and allows integrated sharing and analysis of content across the major social platforms, all working in harmony with a straightforward, 'closed loop' CRM to help you manage leads autonomously. All aspects work together to form manageable and data producing campaigns.


screenshot of integrated social sharing

Sharing content across platforms is effortless.


The HubSpot academy

Anybody can gain certain levels of HubSpot certification and learn more about the methodology of inbound marketing.

Companies, like Digital 22, can also take this further and work through the HubSpot academy and become experts in both the CMS itself and the different aspects of inbound marketing. This is what has led to our achievement of Platinum tier partner status.

Being involved with HubSpot at this level opens up a range of networks and services such as training conferences and chances to liaise with other agencies and experts from around the world at HubSpot events.


Why HubSpot is great for Marketers

The seamless integration with third party software and social accounts make marketers' lives easier. More importantly, so does the thorough tracking which allows great reporting and automated CRM.

The ease of automation and depth available when creating workflows means that nurturing contact via email is wholly automated.

This means marketers can instead spend their time planning, creating and analysing their campaigns instead of re-organising contacts into different workflows and managing which contacts need to be placed where.




Why HubSpot is great for Sales

As leads have been fully tracked from the moment they enter the sales funnel, sales teams benefit from having a fuller picture of their contact and that contact is much more ready to be converted into a customer. Their buyer's journey can be tracked through from start to finish.

The inbound technique means that contacts have been attracted into visiting the site, enjoyed the free, educational content and usually sought out the sales team once ready to purchase.

This means sales teams spend their time engaging with less dead-end leads. Inbound marketing is often accused of being too slow, but 72% of HubSpot users saw an increase in sales in their first year of using the software.


Why HubSpot is great for Tech Businesses

Inbound is perfect for growing tech businesses and startups. The way HubSpot allows easy, cost effective management and reporting means that your team can carry on working on developing the tech business whilst the marketing can be managed or outsourced easily.

If using an agency, the HubSpot system also allows shared access which promotes transparency. This means a tech business can use marketing teams and manage them without any of the burden of employing them as their own staff.


Try HubSpot and Speak To Us

If you're interested in using HubSpot CRM for sales, HubSpot offers free services so that you can see the platform for yourself. You can also try the full marketing platform for 30 days for free.

Alternatively, you can speak to a Platinum Certified Agency Partner about how HubSpot can be used to grow your business using inbound marketing. We're happy to provide a FREE 30 minute call to assess how HubSpot and inbound marketing can help you.


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