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What Is A Buyer Persona? Why Defining Your Customer Will BOOST Conversion [FREE Template]

Written by Stephanie Barnes

18 | 09 | 15

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A Buyer Persona is a fictional creation of your ideal customer. By using information you have about your market you can create detailed profiles of what types of customers you will be dealing with. If you understand their ambitions, attitudes and priorities you can create content that will engage with them. But do you really need one?


Why are Buyer Personas important in digital marketing?

Buyer Personas help you to market your business efficiently so you can engage with your customers effectively.

When creating a Buyer Persona you need to comprehend what types of customers will be looking for businesses like yours and you need to consider what motivations drive them to make certain decisions - What is their lifestyle like? Do they check social media regularly? Are they career driven? These sorts of questions will help you create the right content for the right customers

Demographic information will help you pinpoint your persona 

Why is creating a Persona useful for your business?

Having a business online can be very competitive and to get a step over your competitors, you can take time to properly understand the different types of customers who will be interested in your services.

Creating Buyer Personas has many benefits:

  • Improves understanding of your market

  • Helps to focus your content marketing to the right audience

  • Increases your conversion rates

Understanding your market

To have a successful business you need to understand your industry and have a clear understanding who your audience is. You need to create engaging content that will actually engage with your customers and make them want to contact and buy from you.

For example:

The owner of a beauty salon wants to create more engaging content but she has a range of different clients. She can create fictional Buyer Personas based on her real clients so she can fashion content and special offers directly to specific customers.

One potential Persona profile could describe a young student who enjoys treating herself every so often but because she is a student she doesn’t have much money and is willing to wait for special offers to appear. Another Persona may describe a middle aged mother who doesn’t have much time so she only buys treatments when she actually needs them.

These personas are very brief but they give some valuable insight for the owner of the beauty salon so she can understand what will motivate them to buy.

Improve your conversion rates by understanding your customers

Researching and understanding your customers’ motivations and attitudes can help you improve your conversions as you will be creating content that connects with your customers. If you are engaging, they will listen and be more willing to listen to what you have to say.

  • Create fictional personas of your different customers so you can understand how they think and what will motivate them to buy from you. With time you will see which strategies have the most positive results.

This method of digital marketing is used in large and small businesses and it’s an effective method of analysing your customers so you can create content that they will likely care about.

At Digital 22 we create Buyer Personas for our clients so they can understand their customers and increase their conversions. Inbound marketing helps businesses examine the psychology of their customers and create content that will motivate customers to buy. Still asking yourself 'What is a buyer persona?' follow the link below to download our FREE template to get started:

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