What HubSpot's Service Hub can do for your business — Manchester HUG round-up

HubSpot’s Service Hub is a crucial part of the tool and it has become even better over recent months. Find out more in this blog.

What HubSpot's Service Hub can do for your business — Manchester HUG round-up
Written by Emily Yates
HubSpot, HUG  |   2 minute read

HubSpot is a powerful tool and when you use the marketing, sales and service hubs together, it helps teams have better alignment and flow. Everyone gets an overview of the buyer's journey from awareness through consideration to delight — and everyone can work towards the same goals in partnership.

In the latest Manchester HUG, we welcomed Nana Kwapong — a Senior HubSpot Specialist at Avidly — to talk about HubSpot’s Service hub. Nana walked us through how some of her clients use HubSpot's Service Hub to better connect with and serve their customers using tools such as ticket pipelines, knowledge bases, customer feedback surveys and conversation routing. 

While she covered so many points, including what can you expect from each tool, I thought I’d share my favourites and let you dive deeper into the others by watching the video and reviewing her slides.


Knowledge base

If you find that people are asking the same things repeatedly and you have HubSpot Professional or above, then you should look at the Knowledge Base tool. It helps customers help themselves and reduces the volume of repeatable questions and requests your team receives.

This frees them up to focus on customers with more unique challenges.


Customer portal

The customer portal functionality is fantastic for keeping your customers in the loop and empowering them to gain ownership of their experience. This too requires HubSpot Professional but is a handy little tool you should utilise. We all want to have a better experience and this helps all around. 

I know both options require a HubSpot Professional package, but there were many tools available on the free tool, such as live chat, chatbots and Facebook Messenger integration. They're all great tools for giving your customers the best experience. 

To keep finding out more, you can find the Slides here, or you can watch the video at the top of this post.


Is HubSpot’s Service Hub for you?

Nana finished by asking us some questions to help us identify if HubSpot’s Service Hub is for you. These include:

  • Want to improve how you currently handle customer service?
  • Want to create tickets from emails automatically?
  • What do you need to know about the inquiry? (properties)
  • Is it difficult to keep track of client onboarding or communicate with clients during the process?
  • Have answers to FAQs that you'd like to make accessible to clients and prospects
  • Unsure how your clients’ interactions with your company are going?
  • Do you have processes you could automate for efficiency? 
  • Can you manage projects in HubSpot?
  • Are you struggling with reporting?

If you answer yes to any of these, you may want to dive deeper into the Service Hub. You can do that by contacting us below.