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Now that Digital 22 is officially a Diamond HubSpot Partner, the rapid growth and expansion continues. Following on from the three newest additions to our digital marketing team, we are proud to welcome Jenny Butler to the team who takes up a role as Inbound Manager. Continue reading to find out more about Jenny, her background, what she brings to the team and how she can help you.


Bringing a BA in Media Production Management to the table, Jenny's background is in marketing and audio production. So, don't be surprised to see Jenny as a regular on our Inbound After Hours podcast moving forward!

To put it into perspective, Jenny admits her career highlight at HubSpot was speaking at INBOUND16 in Boston, where she explained how podcasting can help share the story of a brand. She is always happy to help with HubSpot or podcast-related queries. Although, one of her life goals right now is to voice an animated character for Pixar (when you hear voices in her Irish twang, you'll agree with us - she'd be awesome).

As Inbound Manager at Digital 22, Jenny will be working with all of her clients to help them develop the most creative campaigns possible, while also working alongside other team members in the office to help optimise clients' marketing strategies for success.

Jenny brings a wealth of inbound marketing knowledge and expertise to Digital 22, having arrived directly from HubSpot in Dublin, Ireland. Working there as a Senior Partner Support Specialist, Jenny helped agencies to work and grow with HubSpot. She worked closely with the Agency Growth team, the Partner Marketing team, Account Managers and she also occasionally ran content strategy and podcasting workshops for clients.

Outside of work, Jenny enjoys spending time back in her native Ireland with her family dogs (five adorable Bernese Mountain Dogs!). You'll also find her attending dog shows, adding to a never-ending list of places to visit (Vancouver is her favourite city), making podcasts and audio documentaries and catching up with friends and family over a nice cup of tea.

Like many of us, she's hopeful that carrot cake can be considered healthy because it has carrots in it.

Check Out Where Jenny Will Be Working (Along With the Rest of Us)

Holmes Mill Clitheroe




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