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We have been developing a relationship with Yorkshire Wildlife Park for a number of years.

We were thrilled when they presented us with our biggest challenge to date!

The Wildlife Park Team were preparing for an amazing show, finalising construction on an outdoor ampitheatre with a deadline date looming.

Last year the Park welcomed over 678,000 visitors and it has over 250 staff. It is now in the top 10 of zoos and wildlife parks around the UK. 

They needed us to create a fully designed, illustrated and animated ‘Big Bug Show.’ Did we mention that it needed to be completed in 10 days! No? *Gulp*.

“Big Bugs” is a larger than life interactive family show that explores the fascinating world of giant insects, arachnids and arthropods! Guests will embark on an epic 25 minute educational adventure through the incredible world of “Big Bugs”, from the deserts of South America to the African undergrowth. Be prepared to come face-to-face with some of the Earths largest “Big Bugs”, exclusively at Yorkshire Wildlife Park!

Following the success of the Giant Otter enclosure and accompanying signage, This was another huge opportunity for the New Media Team and one we were all keen to get started on, if not a little anxious!

Where do we start?

First things first, we needed to develop the brand that the whole show would be based around. We initially designed a background that all would loop throughout the whole animation so we could gauge the perfect style for the animation. It needed to be realistic but fantastical all at once…

Thank goodness we all love watching cartoons and had a good idea of what would look awesome and what would animate well! We then developed this style for logos, icons and characters.

Take a look at how we take our bug illustrations from paper to the BIG screen!

Wistia video thumbnail - See how we created the Big Bugs for Yorkshire Wildlife Park!

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The next step was to create a logo that would not only appeal to young children and adults alike but that would be eye catching enough to attract people to come and watch the ‘Big Bug Show’ in the first place. The logo needed to be ‘epic and, movie-esque’ but also something that could be reproduced on merchandise.

Talk about a challenge!

We created a static logo that could be used across the park merchandise but also an animated logo that included dancing wasps, wrapping vines and BIG typography.

Big Bugs logos


We then created 3 characters. These characters were the 3 main stars of the show and would work alongside real life bugs to tell tales and facts to the audience.

Big Bugs characters.png
Big Bugs stages

They needed to be anatomically correct whilst still being humorous and memorable (like the likes of Mickey Mouse).

We wanted to create characters that kids would love, but that adults would also find amusing and engaging too. (Think the Simpsons of Yorkshire in the shape of bugs!) 


Once we had created the brand, logo, backgrounds and characters we began to animate each element for the show. The show is split into small sections so effectively we created a series of 20-30 animations that a speaker could navigate through on a giant screen at YWP.

Big Bugs frames

Each character has their own section where they show off their special skills to the audience. From poo flicking and flying to surviving a nuclear blast – there’s lots to see (and lots to animate!)

The show concludes with the audience choosing their favourite bug.

A BIG (Bugs) challenge for a small team certainly, but a hugely rewarding one. We are so pleased with the characters and animation and can’t help but feel a little bit famous when we see our work on the big screen!

With the Big Bug show being live twice daily, this is a huge amount of customers who will have access to our animation, which we are extremely proud of! 

Big Bugs photos at the park

Big Bugs On Screen

Photo Credit: Yorkshire Wildlife Park 

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