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Want to grow your business in 2016? You'd better start now!

Written by Rikki Lear

08 | 12 | 15

Inbound marketing  |  
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I see many companies sit down in January and plan their marketing for the year. This might sound like a good idea but in reality most of these businesses end up losing the first quarter to planning and setup. That's why, with only one month left of 2015, I say if you want to 'hit the ground running' in 2016 you have got to start now!

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We've all done it... started planning and realise there is slightly more consider and do than you initially thought. To illustrate how something that 'sounds straightforward' can often take much more work than you first realise. Here's a brief time line of implementation for an inbound marketing strategy.



  • Build a six month strategy consisting of:
    • Blog keyword research
    • Blog topics & titles
    • Email topics & titles
    • Key social media dates
    • Content plan based on audit
  • Setup email automation
    • Plan the flows
    • Write and design the emails
    • Test it works
  • SEO on-page optimisation


  • First content offer
    • Write copy
    • Design
    • Create a landing page
    • Create a CTA
    • Upload and implement
    • Test & amend
  • Start blogging and social media management
  • SEO off-page optimisation

You can see why people get caught out by this. By spending January deciding on what you are going to do the setup time line can easily roll into April (then you have lost 33% of the year)!


 So, this week make sure you:

1. Research your competition so you can benchmark where you are now...

The Digital 22 Competitor Comparison Tool

2. Decide on your marketing strategy (we recommend an inbound model)...

New Call-to-action

3. Get working on it!

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