The Undeniable Benefits Of Improving Your Website

Taking the time and energy to improve your website conversion rate offers many benefits for your business and your ROI.

Written by Callum Thompson
CRO |   2 minute read

We don't talk about CRO all the time just because we like how it sounds, we talk about it because it's so important in relation to successful web design. There are many benefits to improving your website conversion rate, and here they are. 

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More Customers

This is an obvious benefit but it's the main reason many companies focus on optimising their conversion rate. 

Using conversion optimisation features in your web design, like engaging CTAs, relevant images and professional design, helps you convert more visitors into customers. 


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A survey from Eisenberg Holdings found that many companies on average spend $92 to bring potential customers to their website but only spend $1 in converting them. Spending money on SEO and PPC to bring traffic to your site is good, however, if you're not converting them into customers, your SEO and PPC budget aren't giving you any returns.

More Visitors via Sharing

Spending the extra time to optimise your website for conversions will increase more visitors to your website. If people like your website and believe it has been helpful, they will more likely share or recommend it to other people looking for your services. 


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Websites with excellent navigation design and experiences reduces the chance of people leaving the site. Google classes bounce rate as a ranking factor. If your site has a high percentage of visitors bouncing off your site, it can have a negative impact on your rankings and future traffic. 

More Returning Visitors

When a customer has a good experience on a website, they will likely return to that site the next time they're ready to shop again rather than find another. People prefer familiarity and easy userability. 

Improving web navigation and using a web design that doesn't disrupt or irritate the customer's journey, will increase the chance of them reaching checkout again.

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Page speed is one of the most important CRO features you must optimise. Many returning customers return because they know what the website will be like and there will be no unexpected delays. 

Slow page speed is one of the biggest turn-offs for potential customers but if your site is super-fast, it will encourage customers to return for their next purchase.

Makes your website more persuasive

Improving your website conversion rate will automatically turn your website into a persuasive sales machine. If you can successfully optimise features like CTAs, landing pages and contact forms, your site will continue to convert visitors into leads/customers for the long term.

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This is why it's so important to invest in CRO because once you create successful conversion features that convert, you can focus your attentions elsewhere for the time being.

Having web design CRO features on your website must be professionally designed. High quality design is a symbol of proof that you are a reliable business and encourages customers to convert. 

Here are the 7 reasons you need to consider getting a website design.

Better understanding of your customers

The more conversions you get, the better you will understand your customers. Every time a person completes a contact form they are sending you information about them: name, contact information, occupation, etc. This information can be used to personalise your marketing strategies. You can design your web pages and conversion features to be more engaging with your target market. You can even tailor your content to a number of 'personas' in order to ensure your content is more efficient.

illustrated laptopsThe easiest way to capture information from customers is contact forms. Make sure your forms are quick to fill out and don't demand too much information from your potential customers. Name and email are the two most important pieces of information you need from them at first.

Optimising your conversion features will help you get a better understanding of your customers so you can improve your web design to be more engaging. 

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