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The 5 W's For SMART Marketing Goals

Written by Chloe Brown

10 | 02 | 15

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Within the SMART marketing philosophy, creating specific goals plays an essential part. A great way to make sure you create goals that are specific to your needs is to use the 5 W’s.



Who are you targeting? This is one of the most important questions to ask your self, it also fits in nicely within the SMART process, falling under specific goals. A great way to decide who you are targeting is too look at the majority of your customers and target at the larger group whilst making sure these customers are the decision makers in the buying process. For example, if you are a children’s play centre, are you going to target the parents or the children?


What do you want the outcome to be? I think this one speaks for itself but many people actually forget to ask this question specifically. So you know you want your outcome to be more leads? How many more leads? What kind of leads? Which area of your business are you targeting? This might sound like a pointless question, but if for example you offer more than one service or product which one do you want to increase sales or leads for? Do you have a core product/service or you may wish to increase the most profitable offering. Targeting a specific area of your business will make your goals more achievable. Ask yourself as many questions as you can think of!


Where will your goals come from? Are you going to target a specific geographical location? You could also target where the goals will come from in terms of online sales, will they be organic or paid? Another area you could think about is whether your goals are going to come from repeat purchases or new customers.


What will you gain upon completion of this goal? Will it benefit your business long term? You need to make sure your goals are relevant by asking yourself why you are setting them. Asking yourself why you are setting a goal might seem a little pointless, but forcing yourself to really think about why you are doing it will not only push you to achieve your goals but can also help you to expand on your long term business objectives. You should always be aware of the benefits of achieving your goals as this will keep you focused.


When will this goal completed? As part of smart marketing, you must measure your goals so you know when you have completed them. Setting a target for completion pushes you to achieve your goal sooner rather than later.

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