We were so excited when we got this contract with Yorkshire Wildlife Park! Not only is Yorkshire Wildlife Park Doncaster and Yorkshire’s biggest attraction but they have also been voted the UK’s Number One Walkthrough Wildlife Adventure! This was a huge opportunity for us and one we were all keen to get started on! 

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Giant Otter Signage

The Wildlife Park Team were preparing to welcome two new additions to the Park and needed signage to surround their enclosure.

Mora (2 Years Old) and Alexandra (3 Years Old), two Giant Otters from a zoo in Germany, were making their way to their new home. The reserve had been designed to resemble their natural wild river bank/wetlands habitat with sand and gravel banks around the water’s edge and raised areas so they can dry off and also dig their own dens in dry ground. Their den is 78m2 with two 2m deep pools heated to 18 degrees.

We are asked to create a total of 5 signs to surround the reserve, including ID boards and maps. These would be used to help educate and inform visitors, they also needed to be fun and interesting enough to help engage children and adults alike.

We created a series of illustrations and put together some concept boards which we then presented to the YWP team - which to our delight they loved! We continued to work closely with the park’s team and came up with a range of vibrant and informative designs that would be implemented on signage surrounding the Giant Otter enclosure. 

Yorkshire Wildlife Park Otter Signs

Yorkshire Wildlife Park Rebecca Adlington

Photo Credit: Yorkshire Wildlife Park 

When the signs were printed and mounted, The Wildlife Park held an opening ceremony for the Otter Reserve, with Olympic Swimmer Rebecca Adlington in attendance to officially open the enclosure to the public.

Additional Projects

We have been partnering with the YWP for some time and have worked on a number of exciting projects, some past and some we are looking forward to working on in the near future!

Earlier in the year we were commissioned to create additional artwork for use within the park, these were a selection of characters that would appeal to children from ages 5 and upwards.

We initially illustrated 3 characters to develop a style for our child friendly bugs, we were really happy with how they turned out. We worked with the team and came up with a range of fun facts and jokes that would be implemented on signage throughout the new bug area. These signs would not only be educational but also entertaining and fun for children to read and learn more about the bugs at the park! 

Wildlife Park signs



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