5 Reasons You Should Care About Website Navigation Design

Your website navigation design has to be perfect. You’d be surprised how many people spend so little time on their navigation.

Written by Callum Thompson
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The ultimate goal of any page on your website is for you to get leads to turn into customers. The navigation of your website design has to be perfect. You’d be surprised how many people spend so little time on the design of their website navigation. But it’s important that you think of site navigation like the map or skeleton of your website. 

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If online visitors get lost on your site, they will lose patience and leave. And they will most likely never return because websites with bad navigation don't win potential customers.

Even before your new website design goes live, you should map out what your navigation will look like. (Don’t worry, it’s not the end of the world if your site is already up and running, it’s just easier to get navigation sorted beforehand). It doesn’t matter if you have a large or small website, your navigation plays a key role when it comes to conversions and keeping people on your site.

If you need a little persuasion, here are the 5 reasons why you should care about website navigation design:

1. Increases Visit Duration

The better your navigation, the longer people will stay on your site and that means there is a higher chance they will convert into leads/customers.

When a visitor lands on your site, they will have a specific need. For example, they will be looking for a particular service or product. If your navigation fails to show a clear next step for the visitor they will likely leave and look for another site that fulfils their need.

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Large websites that have hundreds of pages require excellent navigation to avoid people getting lost or frustrated. The main menu on your site should be clearly labelled for your ideal persona. Think about your target market and what keywords and phrases they will be looking for when searching online for a specific solution to their problem.

During the design process of your website, make sure your menu is easy to read and any drop down menus work successfully.

2. Reduces Bounce Rate

Having an excellent website navigation design will help reduce the bounce rate on your site. If an online visitor lands on your site and is confused by what to do next, they will likely bounce. If your navigation sends them to the wrong page, they will get frustrated and will likely bounce. See the theme? There are many reasons that will cause people to bounce from your site.

Your bounce rate is important for your rankings too. In the eyes of Google, having a high bounce rate is the sign of an unhelpful website so you could lose valuable keyword rankings and can have an impact on your SEO.

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A helpful navigation bar will help visitors find where to go next and will reduce the chance of people bouncing.

There are many signs that tell it is time for a website redesign, if you’ve got a high bounce rate because your design is lacking, consider getting a makeover. Contact a website design company. 

3. Creates Helpful User Experience

Having a helpful experience on a website is memorable. Whenever you’ve been to a site that has quickly given you a quick solution, you’ve probably returned to their site when you’ve had another relevant query. Think about knowledge based sites like Wikipedia, their navigation is so easy to follow, they are a trusted site you will eagerly return to. Think about e-commerce sites like Amazon. It's easy to use. 

If your website navigation design is helpful and easy, your visitor’s experience will be a positive one and they will probably return to your site in future.

You naturally remember sites that are helpful. In future, online visitors won’t need to do a search query in Google, they will go directly to your site if they know you can give them a solution.

4. Users Will Be More Responsive To Call-To-Actions

Websites that have helpful and easy navigation makes life easier for their online visitors. Every time they visit your site, visitors will build a relationship with your site and your brand. And if people like how your website works, they will be more responsive to your CTAs.

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5. Improve Conversions On Your Website

The navigation design of your website can greatly improve the conversion rate of your site. If your navigation is confusing, frustrating and/or fails to fulfil all the needs of your visitors, you won’t be able to achieve continual conversions.

At the centre of planning your website design and your navigation, you need to think about the needs and wants of your target customer. Do they want a creative navigation design or would they prefer something simple? Studies reveal millennials prefer experiences over ownership, this suggests they enjoy websites that have incredible navigational experiences.

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It’s important you don’t ignore the navigation of your site. An excellent website navigation design is a map for your online visitors, if they get lost or confused they will never make it to the end point of what you want them to do.  

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