Put your money where your metrics are: How Hubspot's new Ad feature will simplify your investment and increase conversion

Hubspot's new ad feature aims to change the perception of paid Ads by developing an integrated tool to increase conversion and streamline investment.

Put your money where your metrics are: How Hubspot's new Ad feature will simplify your investment and increase conversion
Written by Andrew Thomas
PPC, Tech news  |   2 minute read

Hubspot has traditionally avoided paid advertising, seeing it as out-dated and un-specific. When you see an ad declaring the possibility to look 50 years younger in 3 easy steps, you can see why they didn't favour such an unpersonal, out of context approach...


But not all paid ads look like this! We regularly pair paid ads with SEO and Inbound strategies. We've seen the positive results first hand and understand that when done correctly, they are a budget-secure way to enter into online marketing, our clients benefit from instant results and have total control over any investment they make. 

Interestingly, when Hubspot asked their customers about paid media usage, 53% confirmed that they also used paid ads, and they worked! This got Hubspot thinking. Is PPC Inbound? Not traditionally, but Hubspot thinks Ads could be useful if they were more 'Inboundy' :

  • They must satisfy the expressed need of the individual conducting the search

  • They should be used to amplify engaging content

If Ads followed the above guidelines, Hubspot believes that Paid Ads would sit within the Inbound Methodology. Fantastic! 

The easiest way to create, measure and leverage ads

It's clear that setting up PPC and Social ads isn't the easiest job in the world. The investment is front-loaded with long setups on intimidating software. Furthermore the traditional analyses focuses on traffic and cost-per-click, which doesn't clearly indicate the money ads are generating for a business, preventing users from getting the most out of their investment.
Hubspot aims to change this by developing an integrated tool for the purchase, tracking and optimisation of Google AdWords and LinkedIn ads.

What does the Ads add-on do?

Hubspot's new ad feature performs all the functions of the independent ad tools from Google and LinkedIn, but goes way beyond, naturally. The UI is simply and intuitive as with all Hubspot products, and the data integrates seamlessly with the Hubspot CRM. Reporting is slick and far reaching.
The platform takes care of all the tracking set up and you will be able to see sales, sign ups and interactions that have occured from the results of paid advertising.
Creating an Ad with Hubspot
Campaigns begin and end within Hubspot, completely trackable with a clear ROI indicator and closed loop reporting.
Hubspot Ad Campaign View

How can it help me?

Not only will purchasing Ads become a whole lot easier, the integration with the CRM will allow hubspot users to track their paid adverts beyond anything previous. Previously paid ads could only give an indication to the amount of traffic they brought to a site, and any subsequent sales. The new tool allows a user to see the click, where it brought the prospect to, and if this lead to a purchase, sign up, blog view or content download.
Hubspot Ad reporting dashboard
If paid advertising can be smart, integrated and trackable - users will be able to measure conversions, not clicks.
We're really looking forward to using the Ads Add On with our clients to drive more effective Ads with a continually optimised ROI which will increase conversion.