POWER OF YOU: Setting your goals and intentions for the year ahead

In the first episode of Power of You, Sara and Mel share their honest reflections and learnings from the last year and discuss the return to our office culture.

POWER OF YOU: Setting your goals and intentions for the year ahead
Written by Raza Kazi
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One of the most valuable additions to Digital 22 over the past few years has been the introduction of an in-house coaching and wellbeing Director. Working with individuals and also company-wide, Sara's advice has not only helped people grow in their role and come out of their shell but has also been life-changing for some. 

Thankfully, having Sara accessible to talk to privately and in workshops has paid off, especially when COVID-19 caused havoc. With the team at home and relying on video calls with minimal face-to-face touchpoints, her input has been a huge blessing to the team.

Now, Sara is sharing those insights with you. In the first episode of Power of You, Sara is joined by our Talent and Culture Manager, Mel, to reflect on 2020, their intentions for 2021 and more. To get their insights, hit the play button below.



2020 learnings

Recorded exactly one year on from the first lockdown announcement, Sara and Mel discuss how much has changed since then and how the company has had to adapt. Like the rest of the world, we went all-in on video calls and eventually suffered from burnout which did have a huge mental impact.

One of the biggest learnings? Taking human interaction for granted. It's the little moments the team misses the most and the memories we've all created together in person - both inside and outside of the office - and not on Google Meet.

By tuning in, you'll also get some insight into what life is like working from home from Sara's perspective as a coach, especially since the team goes to her for advice and coaching.

Growth in lockdown

1:1 sessions and workshops with Sara during lockdown meant the Digital 22 team could continue growing. While a lot of businesses struggled, we were in a fortunate position to keep team members on and help them achieve their goals, especially since we're in an industry where we can work remotely.

There have been promotions, exceeding in roles, trying new things, coming out of their shell, finding new opportunities and even creating new teams. There have still been some positive learnings and opportunities from 2020. Find out how Sara helped individuals during lockdown to continue developing both personally and professionally.

I'm a testament to how much Sara's coaching, advice and patience can truly impact people.

It takes a lot of effort for people to get to know the real me. I've always put my head down and kept myself to myself - but Sara has been nothing but patient from the beginning back in 2019. She's helped me come out of my shell, boost my confidence and has played a massive role in my development as a person.
It says a lot when other people see the improvement, but what's more special to me is these coaching sessions have opened my eyes to how far I've come.

Plans going forward

One of the most challenging aspects has been that some team members have yet to meet face to face. Although it's going to be slow, the plan is to bring the team back into our amazing office and continue doing great work while creating memories.

The plan is to also switch from video workshops to in-person workshops so the team can get to know each other on a much deeper level, rather than just asking what they did on a weekend. Having Sara as a coach has allowed the team to get to know each other better and find out what motivates us to do better.

One of the biggest reasons we're heading back to the office is the culture. Mel runs through what our culture means to us, how we maintain it while in the office (and at home) - and how it's actually the main driver for people applying to join the company.

What else?

In this episode, Sara and Mel also dive into how you can invest in yourself for the year ahead and how to switch off mentally from the day-to-day working from home life. They also run through the returning-to-work challenges, onboarding changes and much more.

That's a quick rundown of what Sara and Mel discuss in the inaugural episode of Power of You. If you want to switch off and get a more in-depth explanation on the above, then make sure to hit the play button above to watch the episode or listen on-the-go using the Soundcloud button.

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