6 of our favourite landing page templates from the HubSpot Marketplace

Here's a review of our six favourite landing page templates on the HubSpot Marketplace, both free and paid.

Written by Oliver Hood
HubSpot |   4 minute read

Have you ever used the HubSpot Marketplace? If you haven’t, you’re in luck since HubSpot offers hundreds of free, high-quality landing pages for the average user to put on their site and personalise.

bilal designing landing page

Here are six of our favourite landing page templates that could be perfect for you and your business:

  1. Gradient Landing Left
  2. Landing Img
  3. Pop Top - 2 Col
  4. Classic Landing Page - Paid
  5. Landing 50 by Inbound Pixels - Paid
  6. Umbrella Landing Page - Paid

1. Gradient Landing Left


This is one of our favourite landing page templates because it’s really simple and easy to use. Without all the intricate little details, it means the reader doesn't have to spend too long reading it and they remain engaged throughout.

If you haven’t read our previous blog on the best landing page examples to inspire you this year - we highly recommend it. It tells you everything you need to include in an effective landing page.

Here are some ways this landing page template could be used: 

  • eBook download proposal.
  • Free guide.
  • “Download our app”.
  • Sign up to our email subscription.

A general purpose would work well for this email as the personalisation options are limited.

2. Landing Img

landing img

This is one of the best received free landing pages on the HubSpot Marketplace. With over 5000 downloads and an average rating of 5/5 stars, this is also one of our favourites. It’s so flexible and easy to change to suit your requirements. With just a few changes, you can personalise this landing page and the CTA along with it. 

Having no form to fill out is a bold strategy, but can sometimes be more effective and useful, depending on what the reader gets out of it. The CTA is clear and the message is concise. It results in the reader understanding the page in less time and allowing them to maintain interest.

Here are a few ways that this landing page template can be used:

  • Free service.
  • New app announcement.
  • Subscriptions.
  • Lead generation.
  • Feedback forms.
  • Resubscription lists.
  • Upselling services.

3. Pop Top - 2 Col

pop top

This extravagant landing page would be very useful for expressive companies. With its peculiar style and eccentric patterns, it’s captivating to say the least. However, the interesting patterns don’t distract you from the message so this results in a very attractive and effective landing page. 

The spaced-out form blends into the page and the transition to different text sizes form naturally draws the reader towards filling out the form as that’s the direction that they’re reading. 

Note the placement of the image. It’s centralised and set on a subtle background as the person who made this landing page wants it to be the first thing the reader sees. This allows the landing page creator to grasp the reader's attention and entice them enough to stay on the page and read the message. 

Because of these factors, this landing page template could be used in many ways, such as:

  • Subscriptions. 
  • Upselling services.
  • Free add-ons or apps.

You should never sell yourself short and HubSpot certainly doesn’t. It’s called HubSpot Marketplace for a reason, so let’s take a look at some of the more premium landing pages that they have to offer.

4. Classic landing page - paid (£100)

classic landing page

Although it’s not free (valued at £100), it has been downloaded over 1,500 times. One of the reasons it’s so appealing is its simple design. The contrast between the colours and the placement of the text makes this landing page applicable for both formal and informal companies. 

Because the form is so large on this landing page, the page viewer cannot miss where to fill out and will see how little information they need to input so they won’t waste any time by filling out such a small amount of boxes. It's an effectively designed landing page which has proven its worth to all its downloaders. 

The testimonial quote box at the bottom of the page is very useful as it lets the reader know just what they are signing up for. You could do something similar and showcase  quotes from your clients. This could entice your potential clients into choosing your company’s service.

This landing page could be used for a variety of things, such as: 

  • Subscriptions.
  • Lead generation.
  • Feedback forms.
  • Resubscription lists.

5. Landing 50 by Inbound Pixels - Paid ($49)

inbound pixels

Although the design isn’t particularly intricate (which certainly isn’t a bad thing as less is more after all), this landing page is one of HubSpot Marketplace’s most downloaded templates. At $49, the price is definitely worth it because of how effective it can be when used correctly. 

Thanks to its simple display, it persuades the user to look at the image (which would be tailored to the user’s landing page) and then read the small amount of text beside it. 

It’s easy for the reader to start reading and quickly understand the message without getting thrown off. This is because of the small amount of text and obvious CTA so you can get to the point in a small amount of text and maintain the reader's attention enough to get your point across.

Here are a few ways that this landing page can be used: 

  • New eBook. 
  • If you replaced the book image with a phone, this could be used as an app announcement landing page. 
  • Upselling services or add ons if you replaced the book image with an office image. 

6. Umbrella Landing Page - Paid (£49)


Another popular option on HubSpot Marketplace, this landing page is striking because of its quality and variety in application. 

With its minimalistic design and trendy colour scheme, this template is classy and effective. It has a subtle transition between the body text and the form, which is really persuasive as it makes the reader want to read on. 

Here are a few ways this landing page could be used: 

  • Subscription list.
  • Resubscription list.
  • Feedback forms.
  • Upselling services.

So, what’s our verdict?

Overall, all of these landing page templates have two clear messages and those are to make the page feel natural and the content is relevant to the reader. This will lead to them having a more productive user experience and a more developed understanding of what they get from taking action from the landing page. 

HubSpot’s templates, both free or paid, are very useful but don’t let that stop you from creating and editing your own unique landing page on HubSpot!

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